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Your question implies the doubly undesirable, doesn't it, Bernard Hurley? "Is it better for your kids to be bullied or to be in a school that "promotes homosexuality"? Wouldn't it be preferable to be in a school where children learn effective interpersonal relationships and other sciences and arts without early sexualization?

There is no science in the Cooper piece, it is a fake scenario with a specific agenda.

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Go to: Focus On The Family: Anti-Bullying Efforts Promote Homosexuality

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You make an important point SeanSantos, and you are correct: "I don't think that involves any more "sexualizing" than your average Disney movie," In the movie 101 Dalmations, the dogs and the people have sex on their first meeting, doggie style.

So when it comes to sexualizing children, it's clear that many heterosexuals must be pointed to as guilty in much greater numbers than homosexuals. And the other splinter groups are equally outrageous and damaging to the evolution of humanity.

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Go to: Focus On The Family: Anti-Bullying Efforts Promote Homosexuality

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Because many children are going to school with kids who have two parents called mother/mother or father/father, they want and seek an explanation for that queer reality. And they do need and deserve that explanation. This could probably be creatively accomplished at a childs awareness level. But it wont be. It will and is being seen as an opportunity for additional homosexual propoganda infiltration and social change without appropriate discussions and agreements among educators and parents.

Just as the Creationist organizations will use early age education and school boards to pursue their absurd agendas, so does the LBGT organizations use similar clandestine methods to pursue theirs. Again, neither are in accordance with the interests or wishes of the vast majority of children or parents. Both are increasing in activity. The LBGT has hit on an exaggerated but apparantly currently effective bullying issue to gain new legal grounds to establish school propoganda systems.

The Creationists are recently less effective because of strong objecting groups. There seens to be no really effective groups even slowing the homosexual agenda. Focus on The Family has almost no winning arguments. Neither group will be stopping anytime soon. Both are probably societal and human disasters in the long term. The sexualizing of children has no place of sanity in a civilized society, but it is happening isnt it?

Both groups are now actively operational in the US and in the UK; and elsewhere. The shown Anderson Cooper show was a glaringly obvious setup in favor of the expanding homosexual agenda. His show seems to also be manipulating news effectively, but against, the Creationist agenda.

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Jay G, your question: "Is a priest who writes his congressman improperly attempting to influence policy?" Shouldn't we be confident that as an individual the priest could do that? If he were the official representative of a large Catholic voting block, maybe not?

When you ask: "..Orthodox Jews..preserving the right of Kosher slaughter of meat. How would they, as a group, protect their rights?" That behavior is probably not a right. What in the constitution would make it a right?

"Should Synagogues be allowed to lobby congressmen, etc., or should it be left to the individuals only? Isn't this the same circumstance as the priest?

With the special privilages allowed religions, arent special responsibilities called for? Like following the laws of the land?

You bring up interesting problems. They will become even more confrontational in principle with the so-called intended assimilation of relocated Muslims. Be careful what you wish for or demand Jay.

IF it is demonstrated that Kosher slaughter is torturous, in a Peter Singer scenario, would you support changing the old, very old, religious system based on new insight and information? The bible is a gathering of stories of the changes in the history of a people. Cant it still change or is it really like an unchangable Quran?

Maybe you favor the Muslim and the Menonite approach; anything invented after or before an arbitrary time and date is forbidden? What if the nation made specific laws against animal suffering? For many animals it already exists and is enforced; dogs, cats etc.

The problems dont stop with animals as you know, circumcism is about as nasty a thing to do to a child as a knife slit into the throat of an animal, isnt it? I, and every new boy child, hope you say yes, will you?

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Pope:protect the children

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Tony123, do you think that an adult who was not indoctrinated into any specific christian sect, upon receiving a spiritual revelation that there is someone or something else out there greater than us, should choose to explore catholicism for explanation?

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The Afghanistan report clearly indicates that their population can not be converted to democracy or secularism. The foreign troops are unwilling and unable to change the culture without deadly force. They may as well leave. The culture is totally controled by tens of thousands of Islamic male homosexual pedophelia perps who are not subject to any form of moral or ideological change. How primitive are they, they believe to the point of death, that female vaginal secretion is dirty and that male feces is clean. Just how do foreign troops clean up that little ditty?

It is a much larger and even more primitive and barbaric system than that of the Catholic priest homosexual pedophelia culture. One substantial difference is that the Afghan male perps have modern weaponry and the Catholics weapons were taken from them years ago.

Afghanistan is a shock to a modern western society. For many years, our culture has accepted the cliche, it's nobody's business what goes on behind closed doors. The shock of Afghanistan is that the doors were opened and can't be closed again.

Enough said, no action taken, and there is no god to clean up the mess.

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 17:16:49 UTC | #511325

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So it appears Steven Mading that you are troll trolling and that I am your personal target? This looks like a waste of time.

Is there anyone else in the thread that thinks I am "lying" in comment 45 about a position taken by the addressee?

Is there anyone in the thread that thinks I am not "lying"?

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 23:03:48 UTC | #510949

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There is an aspect of something you said in comment 62 opposablethumbs that I would like to redirect to discussion of the Afghanistan report. It's the idea of the half brain.

It is clear that females have an additional intellectual emotional connection to views of, and reactions to, reality, than males. Their brains generally operate both halves simultaneously with much more efficiency than males. They bring more aspects into focus about living well with others.

In that regard, it is essential for the development of the people of Afghanistan, that females be included in contributing their ideas for every aspect of the society and culture immediately. If the foreign troops can accomplish that, wouldn't Afghanistans future will be brighter instantly?

Yes, my left brain doesn't see that happening by troop intervention any time soon. Does yours?

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 17:52:25 UTC | #510797

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It is childishly easy to understand your nihilistic statements Cartomancer. They are as obvious as the pathetic little boy dancers of Afghanistan, contorting themselves and crying out for attention and acceptance.

But have you heard: In an area of our planet, now known as Afghanistan, a small percentage of affected males have, over many centuries, and with the help of Islam, succeeded in institutionalizing overt male homosexual behaviors, into the very fabric of that region. It is the dominant controling affect of the culture of that society. It is causative. It has deadened the development of the affected females and males as human beings. The state has become a continuing quagmire of human suffering, depression and evil.

To suggest that the introduction and acceptance of the varieties of human sexual behavior does not indicate the grave need of science to learn what and why it exists and to adjust it, is an insult to all human intelligence and to the future moral development of our species.

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 16:41:46 UTC | #510749

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Would the father of carlitoernesto read the report about Afghanistan and focus on the great blurring problem until his head hurts OR: would he worry about the tens of thousands of boys being raped by males demanding not to be called homosexuals. Would he worry that those homosexual behaviors would continue thoughout life as a cultural demand in that brutal warped Islamic society? Would he be at all concerned that tens of thousands of boys will never realize the love and respect for women? Would he be saddened that there would be no grandchildren to love and to nurture but only to utilitize? Would he be agonized to hear that those damaged Afghan males, who have disgustedly reproduced, will paint the toes of their sons and teach them to dance before leering old men? Will he be appalled to hear that the leering old men, claiming not to be homosexuals, will throw cash to the dancing boys and keep them, with the breeders joyous approval, as sex pets? Will he not feel pain when he hears of the boys desire to grow up and impress other males of the tribe by acquiring his own tortured toy boys?

Personally, I cry for the children, and I do not agree with alledged morality informer Cartomancer and others that my morality is improperly focused and utterly inadequate.

There are some cultures that have accepted some of the varieties of human sexual behavior as tolerable. When and if science actually does determine what that variety is really all about, will we repair it?

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 14:49:57 UTC | #510680

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Yes Mordacious, kinda like those guys.

You read comment 52, and in your minds eye you deleted - Afghanistan, and inserted - Vatican.

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 05:11:49 UTC | #510383

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Cartomancer, you read that in Afghanistan, thousands and thousands of little boys, aged 9 to 15 years, are victims of culturally sanctioned systemic serial rapes for many years. Tens of thousands of the rapist pedophiles have been and continue to be defended by foreign troops.

And your concern is to complain that the report might be blurring the distinctions between paedophiles and the "perfectly harmless, natural and normal phenomenon of gay relationships".

Your level of concern might be blurring my sense of what the moral problem is. That of course is of no concern to you.

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 03:19:55 UTC | #510366

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Your bravery in facing a reported troll is a good use of opposablethumbs. Because you have made it over the bridge without apparent ill effects, I owe you a courteous response.

In that regard, I will consider one objective reality. Your worldly informer for morality does insist that paedophelia has nothing to do with homosexuality. Well, they are two different words with two different meanings after all, so I'll drop it. It's not really that simple but I promised.

You clearly do understand some of Afghanistans reported problems and that is more important. You said:"This situation is about men's fear, hatred, rejection and subjugation of women, taken to such an extreme that they find the thought of heterosexual intimacy repulsive, and about sexual behaviour which is predicated on that fear and on power and control."

That sentence is an informed analysis. I would just add that it is first about men and womens natural evolutionary drive for procreation, but without appropriate outlet. The culture, politics, and religion called Islam has screwed up EVERYTHING imaginable in a potentially decent society of human beings.

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Cartomancer deduces and states:"We are dealing with a subtle and nuanced cultural world that works to blur the very real and important differences between consensual gay relationships and non-consensual paedophile abuse, as well as the differences between the pre-pubescent male and the post-pubescent female. My goal is to clarify the distinctions and thereby ensure that those who have done nothing wrong are not punished as if they had." You regard your view as: "...a common sense result of the pursuit of justice and equality for all.."

The cultural world you mention must be the blurrers, the reporters and me, who don't know the difference between consensual and abusive or between pre-pubescent males (below 14) and post-pubescent females (above 12).

Your clarity is thus that any manner of sex with 14 year old males or 12 year old females is consensual and nothing wrong was done unless lawfully proven otherwise. Any manner of sex with 13 year old males or 11 year old females is abuse.

With your position made clear, what are you worried about? That is about what the reporter said is occurring and none of the perps will be punished. These facts are all in accordance with your morality position of justice and equality for all.

In the reporters and my opinion, the children will continue to suffer, with no hope of change, because of the perps in Afghanistan, and throughout the world, who think, believe, and behave in accordance with your clarified justice and equality morality.

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What Joel called "Afghanistans Dirty Little Secret", is no dirty little secret at all. It's all been reported before and continuing. The lame excuses for separation of padophilia and homosexuality are essentially irrelevant. The learned behavior is descriptively identical. Oh right, justifiers insert "love" and "romance" as adult-like qualifiers.

Isn't the only remaining dirty little secret, which the female marine should be reporting about, how the Afghan females are responding to the astonishing abuses of mind and body? How could it not be anything but more gross pathology? Just unreported.

Similarly, we hear truths about Catholic priests behaviors but not enough about the nuns. Is evil gender exclusive?

Wouldn't we all agree that our boys and girls have been abused in every culture everywhere; and continuing?

Thu, 02 Sep 2010 14:50:59 UTC | #509853

Go to: If Obama is one, them Muslim can't mean Muslim

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Obama is a charismatic manipulative intellectual black community organizer who became president. Socially, culturally, and politically, he decided to become an african american christian. I think a strong black women named Michelle affected that decision. So far it has worked out well for him. He is not a muslim but he not an anti-muslim either. That bothers some folks. So they call him names which they consider pejorative, ie Muslim.

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 11:47:11 UTC | #508476

Go to: Islamophobia?

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Islam is actually so bad that a phobia against it is a good idea. Few people have the will to do the homework needed to understand even a small portion of it's evil doctrine. Most people are just too lazy to learn about it. So thanks for spreading the idea of Islamophobia, foundationist

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 00:28:42 UTC | #508306

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davidphilpot, I like your glimmer of hope story, it's interesting. The commenters have given you their best shot at explanation. They have provided you with thoughtful and plausible answers. But if none of them satisfy you, your personal mystery continues. Your approval is required for anyone to prove that the reported events did not happen just as you related them.

There are many stories of afterlife or departure experiences, but there is one thing about yours that I have not heard before. Frequently, departing loved ones are said to speak with the living, but the guitar - that's new. A soul reproducing the notes and sounds of an earthly musical instrument from beyond gives your story a new element requiring new swags. You can look forward to an open-ended opportunity for a terrific gestalt experience.

I for one prefer to think that you are not pulling our perverbial legs. Aren't good emotional afterlife stories, with their few and essentially unverifiable facts, interesting mysteries?

Mon, 30 Aug 2010 13:36:20 UTC | #507931

Go to: Manifest Destiny Revivalism and Glenn Beck

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Sikivu, yours words, ideas, and political positions, demonstrate that you view the world as a very dark place; almost black. At some point in your life you might consider using something other than your habitual BlackFemLens. Would you ever consider viewing the world through doctor recommended clear prescription lenses, even temporarily, just for a quick view? Don't forget your science, light is not only the absense of white.

Sun, 29 Aug 2010 23:20:23 UTC | #507667

Go to: Former Archbishop of Canterbury on the Pope's visit

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Are there folks in the 21st century who still believe that their words or their publications have credibility if their first name is,Lord? Should a Lord be calling others, minorities, viciously intolerant, noise makers, hate-filled bigots, hysterical, overreactive, unreasonably critical, irrational freethinkers, 500 year old, alive 16th century, anti-Catholic bigots?

If you reconsidered your words Lord, wouldn't you prefer to ask for clarification of the opinions of others with an eye towards forgiving them, instead of attacking them so harshly? Where is the shame in todays world of rapidly shared information?

Sun, 29 Aug 2010 22:52:49 UTC | #507657

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Christopher, thanks for the speech made in Canada in 2006 about, freedom of speech. It's the best there is on the subject. Professors will be using it as a teaching tool for decades to come. A classic plus revered by all of your comrads and friends.

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Your comment was not wasted, Wasted Tourist. Well noted, rarely understood. "They want a restoration of Islamic Caliphates and the imposition of traditional fundamentalist Sharia Law." That is indeed about what many want. The battles to become the supreme Caliph will be brutal, if fought. Let's work to prevent them.

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 22:41:22 UTC | #506752

Go to: The Moral Landscape: Q & A with Sam Harris

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david111, consider what Sam Harris learned from the philosophers and theologians of old, what he now wants to do with his new knowledge of the brain, apply studies of continual advances of brain science technology expected in the next 10 years, apply the difficulties of identifying terrorists before they act, extrapolate and predict. Clear as mud?

bendigeidfran, yes I do try to type what I am. Good luck with your apparant belief that clever insults will make you popular. Your statement that I will find the future moral questions not difficult, I am regarding as a huge unintended compliment, thanks.

I wonder what Peter Grant thought? Something different I hope.

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 22:13:12 UTC | #506739

Go to: New terror warning over radicalised prisoners

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Prison is the one place where the existence of a captive audience provides a golden opportunity for change. The I Used To Be A Muslim groups could and should do wonders there. It should ought must eventually be a required participatory part of prison life for defined offenders. If the hate groups are dominant there now, isn't it time to bring in the good guys?

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 21:30:28 UTC | #506712

Go to: The Moral Landscape: Q & A with Sam Harris

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When you, Peter Grant say, "Evil is a rather loaded term and I'm not sure if it can be applied to thought," I hope that we will ultimately decide that it must be applied to thought. Just not in a punitive sense. At some point, with the advance of brain science, we will be provided with the opportunity to know who people really are, what they actually believe, and when and if it must be changed. That power will provide us with truly difficult moral questions.

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 20:49:36 UTC | #506695

Go to: The Moral Landscape: Q & A with Sam Harris

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Could the I'm Afraid of Scientific Morality dude, be correct? If it is scientifically demonstrated that he should not be sleeping with his sister, will he be forced to stop? Will that be yet another unacceptable infringement on personal morality, liberty and freedom?

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 12:50:42 UTC | #506412

Go to: The Moral Landscape: Q & A with Sam Harris

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Has Sam Harris made many well versed educated philosophers angry by opting out of the armchair thinking scene? Arent many other philosophers also expanding into emperical scientific analysis? What I find difficult with the old school of philosophy is the amazing range of theoretical premises with too few life examples for clarity. Someone said, "If you are not prepared to give examples, you are not prepared to teach." Isnt Sam Harris trying to match reality to value in an emperical scientific way? Why is that so unacceptable to so many? What is the fear and threat really all about?

Thu, 26 Aug 2010 14:27:25 UTC | #505880

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You sure do know some stuff Steve Zara. In support of your position, you may be pleased to hear this. The similarly knowledgable and principled security service eavesdroppers and Western democrats who said after the 9/11 attack; "Let's hope they werent those guys from the Minnesota flight school", are now, as successful, highly valued, veteran monitors, still on the job but at higher levels of responsibility, authority, and pay, with great retirement and medical benefits for the whole family. And, Minnesota is welcoming Muslim immigrants by the planeloads and adusting their laws and culture to accomodate them in observance of their reasonable Islamic demands.

And yes, they too can not see any absurd illiberal alternatives being dreamed up and implemented. It would just be too hard and unprincipled in this reality.

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Go to: Silence is not moderation

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by Zara:"All that can be sensibly done is to monitor the teaching, and specific people or groups that seem to be heading towards violence."

That statement is SO WRONG that if it were stated by a person with any public responsibility for the safety of people or property at any level, it would be grounds for immediate dismissal and prosecution for criminal negligence.

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 17:09:44 UTC | #505390