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Go to: How Sexual Prudery Makes America a Less Healthy and Happy Place

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Sheer Reason, perhaps the sheer reason lies in our related histories? Our (US) prudish/religious views on sex originated in Britain. We just took it to a higher and more prudish level. We share the same sexual repressive history and most of us will be scarred for life. We often can blame bad traits on the genetics of our parents, so from the US to Britian I’d like to offer a big sarcastic “thanks mom and dad” :-)

Wed, 18 Apr 2012 08:25:15 UTC | #935419

Go to: New Rule: Atheism is not a religion! Unbaptizes Mitt Romney's Dead Father-In-Law!

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Comment Removed by Author

Sat, 04 Feb 2012 21:56:16 UTC | #914661

Go to: U.S. State Science Standards Are ‘Mediocre to Awful’

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I can't believe Kansas rated a B? They must have graded on "the curve".

Fri, 03 Feb 2012 04:06:20 UTC | #914138

Go to: The atheist who tried to steal Christmas

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I personally believe it is healthy to allow young children to believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny. They continue to believe in these until their little minds mature enough to make them realize without a doubt that they don't really exist. This might take a couple of years to come to this realization along with older children telling them as well. The next logical step for them is to come to the realization that the adult story of the sky daddy may also be imaginary as well. Is that not a healthy mental migration? Wouldn't allowing them to come to their rational conclusion be better, as well as allowing their imagination to flourish at an early age?

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 00:25:54 UTC | #903146

Go to: Newest alien planet is just the right temperature for life

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With such a potential density, perhaps that is the planet where Kal-El was born before his father (Jor-El) sent him to earth. If so, we know that planet has already exploded.

Wed, 07 Dec 2011 10:17:12 UTC | #896401

Go to: Lawrence Krauss on Cosmic Connections

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RD, thanks for adding such a poetic explanation of science.... you've captured my feeling of this lecture in mere words!

Sat, 03 Dec 2011 11:32:02 UTC | #895253

Go to: The religion of an increasingly godless America

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I have faith (wrong word) that the internet will help everyone see the light, or perhaps that there is no light in the relgious sense. The Internet is our slavation :-)

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 16:52:15 UTC | #892828

Go to: Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain?

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I hate to admit it now, but I was brutal to wildlife as a young child up to my early teens. I would shoot all species of birds with my bb gun and even rob and kill baby birds out of the nest. I would kill squirrels and other animals for fun as well. I am embarrassed to admit it, but that is just the truth. I grew into a teenager that disliked killing, but would still hunt rabbits and squirrles for food. And as a young adult I grew to detest killing anything. As a senior I even go out of my way to not step on bugs and really don't like to think of hunting animals, perhaps because I consider life so precious a gift. I feel as if I am a very kind and loving animal person now, so the question is whether this was a chemical imbalance as a child or if perhaps empathy and appreciation for all life can be learned?

Sat, 19 Nov 2011 16:55:42 UTC | #891600

Go to: Biology, Faith, and Skepticism

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It is very simple why atheists ( rational thinkers) can enjoy science fiction and fiction in general. The reason is because the ones we enjoy have at least some thread of plausibility, which invokes imagination no matter your age. The distinction between science fiction and religion is that remote thread of plausibility. Religion offers no thread of plausibility and therefore is a boring theme to any movie or book. Those science fiction movies I like best are those I can at least by some stretch of the imagination I can say “could happen” - Religion, no way does it invoke a thread of even imaginary truth!

Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:48:26 UTC | #891542

Go to: Hitchens: "I'm not going to quit until I absolutely have to"

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"When his voice finally goes quiet there will be a deep silence, a void that can never be filled."
Very well put up to this last statement. There will be a large void, but it will be filled eventually. The reason it will be filled is because there will be many more voices of reason because Hitchen's life has propelled our collective conscience to a higher plane.

Wed, 12 Oct 2011 01:30:09 UTC | #880045

Go to: Teaching evolution in a climate of science denial, Part 2

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"Richard Dawkins may have a polarizing effect"... yes he does.... to ignorance!

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 07:38:09 UTC | #868134

Go to: Oklahoma Freethought Convention 2011 (speech 3 of 5) - The Thinking Atheist

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Seth is a powerful free thinker that gives me hope that things really are changing, even in the heartland.

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 08:24:37 UTC | #861555

Go to: King Tut and half of European men share DNA

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Is there a good "DNA for Dummies" book anyone would recommend?

Sun, 07 Aug 2011 11:45:22 UTC | #858840

Go to: He's on a mission from God

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He was a "man of the cloth", still geting respect where none is due. .206 alcohol? He'll be back!

Mon, 27 Jun 2011 00:30:55 UTC | #843194

Go to: Do atheists need their own bible?

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I think it would be great to have an economical paperback we could buy in bulk to pass out to those who come door to door trying to push their religious beliefs. That was the first thing that came to my mind. It should start out quoting the really crazy stuff from both the old testament and new (one or two pages) as an example of why those writings have no relevance to us today, then discuss the evolution of religion and their plagerisms. And then a short section on how morality varies from relgion to religion and how the non-religious can, and are often, more compassionate human beings than their religious counterparts. It should then wrap up with a statement regarding how it is never too late to rid yourself of whatever religios dilusion they somehow got so wrapped up in, and can still live a good and happy life. Where is such a book that I could keep it by my door as a handout?

Sun, 10 Apr 2011 13:19:03 UTC | #613704

Go to: Tennessee antievolution bill passes the House

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I am no doubt a liberal, but it makes me wonder how a true monetary conservative can embrace the GOP with all this ignorant bullshit. I can understand fiscal responsibility, not the cutting of programs they are calling for, but even if I was a fiscal conservative, I'd have to change to an independent to get away from all this ignorance and lack of compassion from the large number of right wing idiots. But, that is their problem as I enjoy being a liberal :-)

Thu, 07 Apr 2011 22:37:24 UTC | #613070

Go to: Shades of gray

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There are very important degrees. Who would feel extremely bad about a parent who decided to kill Fred Phelps as he spews his hatred at their son or daughter's funeral? Not me. Those crazy religious zealots who killed innocent people not related to the person who burned the Koran should have been stopped by law enforcement, even if it required a bullet to stop them. Terry Jones does not deserve to be murdered for the burning of "paper and ink", but had he been the one murdered instead of those innocent Afgans, wouldn't that be less evil? Do we stand idly by while religious idiots mistreat women in the name of belief espoused on that "paper and ind"? Unfortunately, there are people committing such horrible actions that it justifies fighting and dieing for to stop them, and yes, even killing for.

Mon, 04 Apr 2011 00:04:51 UTC | #611537

Go to: Arab women protesters – not free, just figureheads

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Sharia law. What is wrong with out governments to allow these idiots to immigrate? Those poor poor women are nothing more than slaves.

Sat, 02 Apr 2011 20:11:33 UTC | #610943

Go to: Don't Mind the Gaps

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A funny presentation mocking Bill O' - worked for me!

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 16:33:58 UTC | #607460

Go to: Who wants to go through life defining themselves as a 'non-believer'?

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But if lots of non-believers choose not to tick “No Religion”, I won’t be surprised.

Duh! I won't be surprised either. Would you expect a non-believer to check another box?
Our atheism is in many ways the least interesting thing about us. It merely indicates what we don’t believe in, rather than saying anything about what we do believe in ..

Being anit-witch doctor wouldn't be important either, unless you lived in a tribe that uses them for their medical treatment. Being non-religious becomes extremely important when your life is surrounded by believers, especially those who think we are going to hell and are a menace to society. Being a non-believe in our society IS a very important way to define ourseleves.

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 12:02:03 UTC | #607359

Go to: Godless in Tumourville: Christopher Hitchens interview

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I live his quote:

'To the dumb question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”

I can only hope his fight against the irrational will continue for years to come!!!

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 11:48:47 UTC | #607355

Go to: Older female elephants are wiser matriarchs

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JuJu: I sometimes think there is such a desire to show how intelligent certain animals are, that some researchers start with the bias that some animals are more like us in intelligence and then find behaviors that seem to fit their preconceived bias.

Sounds like just a study, adding to the vast data warehouse of info. Not sure they had conclusions; maybe some hypothesis. Just filling in the gaps of knowledge. I also don't think they were concluding anything about intelligence. Distinguising between sounds that often mean your offspring are eaten is not a unique trait found only in intelligent life forms, or at least I wouldn't think so.

Sat, 19 Mar 2011 19:08:04 UTC | #604767

Go to: Jedi-ism, Britain's fourth-largest religion, is still going strong

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You really need to find out WHY and HOW MUCH influence the response to that question weighs on funding. Is there X dollars for "religious activity" such that if 70 pct of the religious (throwing out the 50 pct of non-religious) who are Xtian will get 70 pct of X? If so, the responses are only used to determine "how" they divvy up the X dollars, and non-religious reponses have no financial effect other than pure census stats. And, if that is true, then selecting Jedi would take funding away from the other religions. Perhaps the real effort should be puting Humanist as an option on the census form so that moneys could be allocated for true non-religious organizations. Of course, the real push should be to insure that NO monies be allocated to anyone over the responses to the religion question.

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:56:40 UTC | #597133

Go to: If not now, when?

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Interesting concept to start the gas tax hike in 2012 by adding 5 cents per month. If they start it sooner, perhaps congress could then give more tax breaks to the rich so that eventually more of their leftovers could eventually trickle down to the poor and middle class. While we are dreaming, let's go ahead and earmark that money for projects that will help reduce our oil consumption as well?

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:34:39 UTC | #597124

Go to: Census: How religious is the UK?

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How about adding "Born Again Atheist"? For those who have had a long life and have dedicated it to an irrational belief they never REALLY bought into, shedding the shackles of tribal ignorance must give them that "born again" feeling.

Tue, 22 Feb 2011 10:35:24 UTC | #594291

Go to: What Can Evolution Teach Us About Ourselves?

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How did our brains evolve so large so (relatively) fast? My unscientific theory (guess) is that those with larger memories, especially in early development, would quite obviously have a better chance of survival, like remembering where they've come across predators or previous dangerous situatios. I would certainly think that size matters when it comes to memory, and since evolution didn't know much about micro chips, bigger became better.

Wed, 05 Jan 2011 09:01:55 UTC | #573591

Go to: Allah’s existence to be debated at UK’s leading mosque

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Let's test their sincerity off the bat and let Hitch loose on them in a debate. The real benefit to this, however, is that it allows the not so severely diluded to get a glimpse of a world that contains a lot more free thinkers who don't buy into the adult fairy tales, aka "you are not alone in an insane world".

Thu, 14 Oct 2010 00:18:21 UTC | #533184

Go to: Questions for my Los Angeles talk

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This is possibly one you get often, but don't recall a lot of discussion surrounding it… “Does our ability to keep humans alive carrying inferior physical traits for survival due to our advancements in science, reduce or increase our long term chances of survival as a species?”

Sun, 03 Oct 2010 13:02:32 UTC | #528418

Go to: Petraeus warns of desecrating the Koran

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It is quite simple: If it is not illegal to burn those books, then they have the right to do so, and I support that right. I do not agree with doing this, just as another post or two mentioned the burning of the flag. But I do support your right to do so. If anyone interprets this as our government supporting the burning, then there is nothing I can do to correct that ignorance. If our military claims to be fighting for our freedoms, then they should embrace that responsibility and not make any exception or excuses for it.

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 23:27:19 UTC | #513411

Go to: Childrens Video - Dogs of Glory by Jim Steager

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Holy Chihuahua, makes me want to hump a nun.

Comment 17 by Lucas : This guy is probably the nicest dude in the world..

I agree, he probably is a nice guy. But, I sure would hate to have to be around him much.

Thu, 19 Aug 2010 23:59:22 UTC | #502701