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I think it would be cheaper in N.Z and Australia also.

As long as you didn't waste money marketing it at the U.S I think you could re make the initial investment in the E.U and Asian markets.

(Assuming someone front money as an investment not a donation.)

If it takes off in America great, but I'd aim it outside the u.s to start with.

Tue, 06 May 2008 23:14:00 UTC | #167231

Go to: The History Channel might do something right

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Slightly off topic, but how do we get more stuff like this made?

Krause put the price tag on a movie at $50 million in his chat with Dawkins.

Is there room for a science movie in the market?

Is there anything people can do at a grassroots level to try and increase the amount of science content produce in a movie or documentary format?


Tue, 06 May 2008 21:55:00 UTC | #167222

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I would hazard a guess that they are also trying to find truly neutral question, that gets the same response by both groups.

So you can ask a neutral question and see if the same part of the brain is used in both groups.
Then ask a question they disagree upon and see what part of the brain lights up like a Christmas tree.

Also do atheist use the same part of the brain to answer
Can pigs fly?
Can Jesus fly?

What part of the brain do xtians use to answer yes to the second question.

Can Alexander the great do miracles V can Jesus do miracles?

Also as fair as I understand survey it's also important to ask a few reset question in between the real question.

If I ask you 10 question about the state of world poverty and human suffering then ask how happy you are feeling, you might be getting skewed answers on the last question.

Mon, 05 May 2008 18:50:00 UTC | #166694

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This is great. I'm sending it to all my Christian friends.

I was at a dinner party on the weekend and the conversation turned to God.
My statement
"If you're being intellectually honest you can't say you're 100% certain of God's existence"
was followed by
"I'm 100% certain God Exists!"


Sun, 04 May 2008 23:56:00 UTC | #166288

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the poll is currently

~680 Yes
~38000 No

Fri, 25 Apr 2008 17:19:00 UTC | #160858

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can Harvard sue these guys already!!!

Sat, 22 Mar 2008 01:43:00 UTC | #140547

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If this idea got up in the U.S, you'd hope that it would spread to other countries.

Fingers crossed.

Mon, 18 Feb 2008 15:43:00 UTC | #122635

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I chopped up Hitchens opening statements into four parts.

Might be easier if you want to mail parts of it to people. To get them interested in watching the entire thing

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 20:34:00 UTC | #120397

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First and foremost I hope it gets off the ground. It's looking good thus far. There's been a lot of technology developed due to this undertaking. Not least of which is the WWW.

Also the development of share computer resources for research.

That in itself is going to benefit humanity if they can get it off the ground.

What will they find, nobody knows. But as long as they get it up and running and get data it will tell us something more about the universe. Another step forward.

As well as CERN (may 2008 start date) we have
the upgrade to hubble later this year,

The Planck Surveyor (Launch date July 31st 2008)

James Watt Space Telescope going up in 2011

Fingers crossed they all get up and running.

Sat, 26 Jan 2008 16:14:00 UTC | #110996

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Is there an official way of donating to TGD or the DVD to libraries? It would be good to have an official count.

We could also try and do an annual donation library drive, with the deadline being Richard Birthday
March 26th.

Anyone interesting in trying to help organize donating 2000 copies of TGD to libraries between now and March 26th??????

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:49:00 UTC | #106943

Go to: Sam Harris debate with Rabbi David Wolpe

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this is a shorter version of Sam talking about Elvis.

Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:01:00 UTC | #105427

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Short clip from the debate.
"Sam Harris Demolishes Rabbi's Argument with Elvis Joke"

Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:50:00 UTC | #105007

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Richard mentioned in the other link on this, that most of the callers were on his side. And that producer had mentioned this, it just doesn't make good T.V.

However when it's presented in the above format people get the false impression that the opposite is true.

At some point we need to make the true number of non dogmatic religious people and non religious people known. I'm not sure how we go about that but it needs to happen.

Sun, 30 Dec 2007 14:38:00 UTC | #100146

Go to: THE FOUR HORSEMEN - Available Now on DVD!

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I've created a thread about this but it needs to be said here too

This site is an ammunition factory in a information war. It continues to churn out intellectual feasts to consume over an hour or two and digest over a week. This is great for the target audience of this site but not for the target audience of the information war.

We need sound bites not feasts for that. To that end we as an Internet community need to break these large feasts into short, funny/poignant, easily digestible morsels. We need to recognize that not everyone loves to read or sit down for an hour and watch debates and discussions. As well as accepting that in this day and age not everyone has the time.

Awaking a questioning mind can be as simple as sending a sound bite to your friend once every week or two over a period of 6 months.

If you've got any suggestions for sound bite please post them here

Sat, 15 Dec 2007 15:24:00 UTC | #94547

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How do we get this on TV?

If enough Aussie Atheist ask for it on SBS they might give it a go.

They broadcast a weather map for four hours a day with classical music playing, surely this is a little more intellectually stimulating.

Sat, 15 Dec 2007 04:22:00 UTC | #94415

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As someone that doesn't live in the U.S, I'm always curious with interviews like this how popular/mainstream is the show the atheist author is appearing on.

How successful do people think we have been in raising the profile of atheism?

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 20:43:00 UTC | #89346

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For the first time in Australia we have a Secular Party running in the election. One of their policies it to tax churches.

I'm curious how the moderates are going to perceive that policy. Will it make them dig in their heels more or really make them choose sides?

It's going to be interesting to watch the response from the moderates when the policy and party become more widely known.

"Religious institutions receive significant advantages in terms of tax exemptions and benefits. At the same time these institutions are largely unaccountable for their receipt and distribution of funds. The policy of the Secular Party is to end these religious tax exemptions and subsidies. This will benefit the average taxpayer and a level playing field will be provided for all charities."

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 19:28:00 UTC | #83024

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I just discovered the Australia Secular Party yesterday.

You should be able to vote for them in the senate in all the states (They have two in each state).

They don' have Senators running in the A.C.T or N.T

Please note they didn't get on the ballad paper as a party so you're best to check the above link for their group or names directly.

Family first got a senator in with
210,567 votes last time. I see no reason if all the Aussies Atheists go their butt into gear we couldn't get a secular party senator or two (or twelve).

By the looks of things they don't have a lot to spend on advertising so it's all going to have to be word of mouth. So if you know anyone that may be interested in them please forward their website to them.

Thu, 08 Nov 2007 18:42:00 UTC | #82311

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Animals display morals.

Using the example shown in "March of the Penguins"

Penguins pair up to mate as it takes two penguins working together to raise their chick. As there is more female penguins than male penguins some of the females miss out.

During the film when the chicks hatch one of the chickless/mateless penguins try and steal a chick. The mothers gang up to stop this theft from happening.

Why are these Penguins performing this moral act of stopping the chicknapping of another penguins chick?
Did God build it into them?
If so why didn't God create an equal number of male and female penguins? It can't be to test them a penguins, according to the dogma, don't have souls so this isn't a test they have to pass to get into heaven.

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 18:36:00 UTC | #77714