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they are six million of us what are you going to do. yes the church was wrong and should of done something early. , we are hear to stay, 6 million of us, if you are going to attack catholic church on gay rights and women's rights and children rights then what about islam. women cant pray next to their men in a mosque. while being Gay is outlawed punishable by stoning, young girls being sent back to islamic countries to marry old men, but hey thats ok isnt it by you lot, just attack catholics they will not attack us, pathetic

Mon, 20 Sep 2010 23:09:27 UTC | #522320

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typical isnt it not one of you will protest against islam but have ago at catholics yes the church is wrong on child sex cases and should pay up, i hope you lot come out and protest against the persecution of none muslims children being beheaded in islamic countries women being treated like slaves cant pray in the same room as men. homosexuals being executed young children being beheaded ,but hey that's ok we attack the pope because christians will not attack us,women cant pray in mosques in england gays are outlawed girls being sent back to pakistan to marry old man but hey that's ok with you lot isnt it, if you are going to attack catholics for their views then why not attack other faiths because gays have no rights, in islam o yes go for the easy targets, because islam fights back, cowardly that's all you lot are, also the catholic church does not treat women badly look how many women turn out remember idiots women can leave the catholic church without fear of being beaten up by their husband. But in islam women gets beaten up if they lift their faith. you lot need to do some research before you attack the catholic faith, catholic church was evil to abuse young children i know someone who was and this person said not all priests were like those who did that shamful deed. and this person stills go to mass,

Mon, 20 Sep 2010 22:46:56 UTC | #522303

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I am a roman catholic well gone back to my faith i am 45 year old man and i never been scared into thinking that i was going to hell by any priest or catholic teacher. my family are irish and not one of them have been affected by their catholic faith, i left the church for years and i came back and yes i do feel very peaceful in my faith remember this a lot of you left the church because of what the church teaches, that's your choice but i am not here to condemn anyone of you, but you lot want the church to change to suit your views, the church will never change their views because you have too change God.

Mon, 20 Sep 2010 22:27:35 UTC | #522283