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Farewell Hitch.

My thoughts are with your family, friends and admirers. May we all continue on, knowing we carry a bit of you in our brains, hands and hearts.

Thank you does not seem sufficient enough for the impact made by Christopher, but will have to do.

The Trumpers shall toast to the great man who enlightened our lives this evening.

Well done Sir, well done.

You shall be missed,

Carla, Eric & Taylor Trumper

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:42:24 UTC | #899878

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Truly enjoyed it! Thank you Professor Dawkins!

Thu, 29 Sep 2011 19:56:30 UTC | #876419

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May I just say kudos to you!

It will be a difficult conversation to have (in depth) with your friends and loved ones, many (some) will honestly just not understand or want to hear most of what you are saying and will attribute your nonbelief to "you're just confused about god".

My personal advice would be; as long as you stay honest with yourself, continue to read books of interest/learning and become a bit more comfortable when it comes down to "question time" with them. This way, you can try and keep the dialouge open for those who may feel as you, but fear asking.

It can be a rough ride, but as long as you know you are not alone, you'll be fantastic!

Good luck:)


Mon, 29 Aug 2011 20:11:57 UTC | #865288

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How neat is the 2012 line-up for the President of the US... this neat.

Living in the 1st state to seceed from the Union (transplant from the North), I beg them to actually go through with it already. Please, please, please. This "damn yankee" would be back home in a New York minute.

You cannot fix this kind of crazy.

Wish us luck.

Tue, 09 Aug 2011 17:49:51 UTC | #859471

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I agree with rod-the-farmer. This OP was/is very disturbing, all one needs to do is read a newspaper, watch the news or hear about an incident that these so-called "evangelicals" do on their "off-time". They shouldn't be within 5,000 feet of a public school.

Mon, 13 Jun 2011 17:50:08 UTC | #638019

Go to: Damon Fowler: in trouble for pointing out the law

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Comment 7 by Stevehill :

Brave kid. Astonishing that in the Land of the Free he should be so vilified for exercising that freedom, and pointing out the law. America, you need to rein in the fuckwits, before they finally succeed in fucking up your country.

Stevehill, yep. Those mostly are the "red states" who I would love to see seceed from the union...seriously.

To the issue at hand, Damon is a great kid and should (and is by many) be admired for standing up. It takes alot to do something as "taboo" as this in these southern states. I salute him for his bravery and am/will support him throughout this whole "situation".
We can all remember high school and how awful it was for everyone to hate you. Damon was hated, ridiculed and threatened on his last days of HS we've seen the posts and the comments, these people are sick and cruel human beings.

Mon, 23 May 2011 17:39:17 UTC | #629959

Go to: The Rapture aside, America's evangelical Christians deserve a little respect

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The audacity of this biographer of who? Pat Buchanan? WTF?

As an American, I'll attest to the fact that no, he is wrong. The xtians (extremists or not) have done nothing but take a crap on our Constitution, label people who disagree with them, kill (whether it be overseas or in our states) people who do not follow the xtian faith, cut out gay rights, etc., etc. I could go on all fricking day about what they have done to this country, but I will not bore anyone here who most likely knows our history.

This "article" is nothing but more rhetoric, lies and propaganda for the people over the pond, regarding how you can't paint all believers with one brush, I say Bullshit.

Cheap imported beer, making out in hot tubs? Why sure, as an Atheist I never try to help someone with a bag they have dropped, teached a kid to read, helped someone get a job, donated time to feed the homeless, ride a bike instead of using my car, help the helpless...

I Strongly DISLIKE this man and what he supposedly stands for.

As Professor Dawkins said, I respect nothing these delusional adults do or don't do. The children are the ones who suffer.

Not a fcking drop of respect*

Mon, 23 May 2011 16:05:05 UTC | #629929

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Comment 37 by M D Aresteanu :

I know this has been addressed, but a lot of atheists(users on seem to think comedy isn't worthy in and of itself. I feel like some of you would be disappointed if Richard Dawkins hosted SNL and didn't turn it into a forum for debate over science and religion's place in society. I was quite pleased with the exchange on casts atheists as serious about bettering the world without being too anal about it. I'd love to see more 'serious' shows such as Dateline or 20/20 interviewing atheists, because on shows like Colbert, you're preaching to the choir anyways.

Maybe I missed that one (discussion) where Atheists or users of wouldn't think comedy worthy of a forum? I would LOVE to see Dawkins host SNL, why? Because it would mean it is FINALLY okay in the US, to make fun of religion and all its ideology. Also, maybe I am daft, but could you show me your edvidence on the "preaching to the choir" comment? Which study did shows such as Colbert target demographic become Atheists? Dateline & 20/20 are "serious shows"?

Nightline & many other "serious" shows have interviewed Sam Harris (with a tilted view I might add).

I'll be waiting on the day when Dawkins hosts SNL or is interviewed on 20/20 so that us disappointed Atheist can calm down?

Mon, 16 May 2011 19:56:40 UTC | #627366

Go to: Rock the Fort Chaplain Is From the Moon, Writes Foxhole Atheist A Letter

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I swear********* Tell CH Drunkenmiller, you'll give him $1,000 if he finds the word god in the Constitution.

These people are fricking morons and frankly I AM FED UP WITH THEM!!!!

I was asked to go change my t-shirt (before I even went in) at a SC book festival on Saturday because "some people" might find it offensive & I wouldn't be let in until I changed it? WTF, I say to myself?
It was the "We Are All Africans" shirt (I have long hair so you couldn't even see the back). Still wonder who I would be offending? Tough crowd in the Carolinas.. I politely told her where she could get one if she liked and to try to look for a book on Palaeogeography since she obviously wasn't well read on the subject.. then left to write a letter to the editor and send out emails to the people sponsoring the event.


Glad you kept your cool Justin, keep up the OUTstanding Work!!

Mon, 16 May 2011 18:57:23 UTC | #627359

Go to: Time to Get Real

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Wonderful response Professor!

Personally, I simply cannot WAIT until the 21st!!!!! Living in South Carolina, there are billboards everywhere promoting this craziness. In fact a reverend from North Carolina wrote a letter to the editor last week regarding the billboard overload in my city alone, he titled it "Jesus is not coming on May 21st"! (guess he wasn't buying the bible guarantee:)

The crap on their website...whew, how bored/crazy do you have to be in order to simply make shit up, feed it to people as "truth" slap a bible guarantee on it, tell them that god is revealing his plan (to the chosen, of course) & how can you put FACTS about May 21st when you have none, none? Hell, the whole idea would fall apart in a courtroom. Isn't it just false advertising (could we sue on the 22nd)? I would love to see who is backing this finacially (billboards are not cheap, am radio is though).

10 days left... Until I get to point and laugh & ridicule the loons (fairplay, they started it)!! Wonder if they'll be answering the phone lines at their "open forum" program (anyonomous call-in, YES, don't mind if I do)!!

Be prepared:)~

Wed, 11 May 2011 20:01:00 UTC | #625965

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Tue, 10 May 2011 20:04:05 UTC | #625516

Go to: Atheist Billboard in Fresno Vandalized After Only Three Days

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Where is the sanity?

I drive past, oh rough estimate - 15 xtian billboards a day on my way to & from my business. All trying to tell me that jesus or god is coming to get me and/or will help me with damn near everything. Quite a few let me know that the world is coming to an end on 5/21 (with a 100% bible guarantee) and as astonishing as that may be, these billboards do not get "tagged" or vandalized by covering the "do".

After all detective work is over, one can almost come to the conclusion (without a 100% guarantee) that it is most likely to have been a believer...

In regards to the redirecting of war critic, that is correct. As soon as you type in the site it pulls up a "Breaking the Spell" tab, then here you are. From the google search it came up with the Harry Potter reference and a father Arseny with an elder "list" all attributed to the same .org. Strange and one wouldn't be suprised if more "suprised" believers are subjected to "our" use of "they" and "them", oh and the gem of being compared to the kkk.

(Insert Twilight Zone theme music):)~

Tue, 10 May 2011 19:50:11 UTC | #625510

Go to: [UPDATE 16-Apr] 48 Hours to Stop Uganda's Gay Death Penalty - please sign the petition

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Signed & passed on through social networks.

Tue, 10 May 2011 17:36:36 UTC | #625439

Go to: Muslim 'scholars': Sea burial breaks sharia law

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Comment 94 by skiles1,

Good question and great answer. I too remain against capital punishment but, as you pointed out, this man was anything but a good guy. So, kudos to the SEALS on a job well done.

End of story, next chapter....

Wed, 04 May 2011 20:24:14 UTC | #623074

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Muslim 'scholars' criticizing the US in its "anti-shraria law" burial? Oh my, say it ain't so...

Sorry he lived, glad he's dead, don't need a photo and hope people get the closure they desire out of this sad series of horrible events.

@Sample, priceless statement.

Tue, 03 May 2011 19:28:01 UTC | #622663

Go to: Tenn. bill addresses teaching evolution

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Comment 5 by El Bastardo :

It amuses me and scares me in equal measure that the GOP are denying facts, denying civil rights for homosexuals, denying women access to information on abortion, forcing doctors in Indiana to lie to women about the (non-existent) link between abortion and breast cancer, and generally pushing a 5th century religious ideal all under the guise of "small government" Government so small it fits in your classroom, your uterus, and by jebus you'd better not have any thoughts against what the "small" government has decreed.

They scare the hell out of me due to the absolute lack of intelligent life on "their" planet. Small minded, ideological morons who need to take a damn time-the-fuck-out.

To bad it's the children who suffer under these false, evidence free "circumstances" called a Science Classroom.

Tue, 05 Apr 2011 19:36:35 UTC | #612283

Go to: Glenn Beck: Japan's earthquake might be a "message" from God

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Not to concerned whether or not people agree with Obama or any other gov't official, and I agree that no person can agree 100% on everything. I suppose I was more curious than anything on why/what about becks opinions make luka agree with. My points are stated (as questions) regarding what beck actually does say, and I simply wanted to know why.

I was asking questions, not ridiculing anyone, if it sounded like I was then luka, you have my apologies. Maybe my phrasing (I was being faciteous with the bible comment) was unclear or when reading it "sounded" ridiculing? (was in a rush & didn't think about it sounding cruel, so apologies on my hurried comment).

As stated before, I will not give beck credit where it is not due. This in turn lead me to wonder about the "why" aspect of the comment stated by luka. Simply a questioning of how or why a/any person would make a comment of that sort regarding politics and economic issues.

So again, my apologies for sounding rude, I only intended to ask & put in some short references and the using of "delusional" regarding faith, yet agreeing on politics and economics.


Fri, 25 Mar 2011 16:14:45 UTC | #606997

Go to: Glenn Beck: Japan's earthquake might be a "message" from God

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Comment 55 by luka_qnice :

Glenn Beck is delusional about god, but his economic and political analysis is mostly correct. I think Americans are afraid of atheism because they think it comes together with communism or socialism. Are they right?

I'm with jbyrd, you should have stopped at delusional.

But for kicks I will comment on your comment, since beck is an idiot & doesn't deserve a comment.

If you think beck is "mostly correct", does that mean you only care about being "mostly informed" on politics & the economy, hmm? Am I correct in assuming you go into the voting booth with the "mostly correct" information needed?.. Very interesting way to educate yourself on "mostly correct" based reality.

Question for you - If beck is delusional about dOG (your statement), then how does he have credibility (for you) when he claims George Soros and his "shaddow gov't" are/were responsible for the economic crisis, Obama's a muslim socialist/nazi, etc., etc.?

Where do you find logic, rationality, reason and most importantly....FACTS in believing this "delusional" dOG believer? You may as well believe in the bible too for crying out loud!

These seem to be two very opposing viewpoints you have and I must say I am confused by them.

Thu, 24 Mar 2011 20:29:15 UTC | #606665

Go to: If you have to be genius to be atheist, we are in real trouble

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RE: Comments 33 by Holysmokes, 51 by Schrodinger's Cat & 54 by Steve Zara,

Extremely Neat idea!! It would be rather interesting to see if indeed we are arrogant, rude, etc.. To argue against our own "belief" could benefit us on the "how to's". I like it and think it can be a tool used for good ; )


Thu, 24 Mar 2011 15:52:45 UTC | #606582

Go to: If you have to be genius to be atheist, we are in real trouble

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".but I believe many other may, if presented the right information, in the right way"

I just don't believe that is true and living in the "bible belt" (many rual and uneducated areas) the very mention of Atheism is cause for your "American" card to be "taken" away.

That being said, I'll conceed to the "elitist, arrogant" views that believers hold against Atheists who are simply pointing out their "way" of critical thinking (with some facts & evidence on their side).
But that will be all I can conceed to.

While not an aggressive Atheist, I am a realist who knows the consequences of my actions when starting a dialogue with a believer.

You test the water before filling the tub, why shouldn't you test the person you're going to speak to about religion? That is how I proceed with the "average" (educated or not) believer every day. Finding out whether or not the person you are speaking with is, a) interested in talking about their belief b) an ability to listen and absorb what you are saying c) being okay with the outcome of the conversation (you can't "unconvert" everyone).

If that makes Atheism or Atheists snobs or cruel in our lack of conveying information (because that is what it is to me, not a "message" I want them to "believe") or we are brash in the delivery of the information then I'll take it. Because if there is one thing I know for sure, it's that if you want to know something, (they know the bible), poor or rich, you can find it (libraries, internet, school, etc.).

Ridicule is my last resort in a conversation always, but as Ignorant Amos said " fingers in the ears..".

That is an insult to my intelligence, so ridicule ensues.


Wed, 23 Mar 2011 19:44:50 UTC | #606331

Go to: America loses faith with the God Squad?

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You sound like the "teabaggers" over here, seriously man, racist much (things would have been better with Hillary?) How so? Obama is not perfect, yep he says he believes in dOG, but hey at least he doesn't base his foreign policies on dOG. (W was/is a "born again" xtain who blessed and prayed about everything to do with being president, my how far we've come) he repealed DADT and has changed his position on gay marriage.

No, I do not watch faux news, nor do I watch evangelical tv (why?), while many may watch, they don't all agree. While you may find it entertaining or whatnot, when it comes time for an election the American people (youth, minorities, common sense people, etc.) will vote for the person, not the tv station (google repug canidates in US for 2012). The "crazies" numbers seem large in midterms, they are not when it comes to Presidental Elections.

As unfortunate as it is that you feel the way you do about the US, I can't say we need another person with "views" such as yours over here (on either side of the political fence).

".he is about to be impeached by allowing the US Government to go Bankrupt on Friday 18th March."

Really? For doing what, again? It's March 21st...... hmmm. Must of missed that one.


Great quote, thanks : )


Mon, 21 Mar 2011 20:19:24 UTC | #605543

Go to: Attempted rescue of pro-life poster child is deeply misguided

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Comment 7 by schalkerforever :

folks, did you read the comments bellow the original article ? unfuckingbelievable....

Did & only saw 1 pointing to reason and reality.

Disgusting bastards.

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 16:49:46 UTC | #605422

Go to: The Fred Phelps Supreme Court Decision and Why We Shouldn't Look for Loopholes in the First Amendment

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"-- free speech is one of the most basic and crucial cornerstones of democracy and freedom. Free political speech especially."

This statement makes me doubt the idea and law of "free speech". When you tilt the table to protect the "rights" of one group (xtians free speech- All of them) and not enforce the "right" of others to not be harmed (we all have our own definition but we need to take out personal feelings) by said groups, you have an unfair playing field. Comment 62 by Nunbeliever points this out quite clearly:

"Still I wonder whether the court ruling would have been the same if the protesters would have been a bunch of atheists? What if some crazy atheists would have mocked dead christian soldiers outside of their funerals? I am pretty sure the police would have intervened. What do you think?"

Wonder. I don't wonder about this, I see the takeover of America by the christians. It is in our politics, our schools, our daily lives, our policies and our taxes. If a group of Atheist were to do what the felps do, we would most likely be arrested, shot at, etc. It would have been an all out assault with the "believers" making sure they were "protecting" the "rights" of dead soldiers.

While I am a progressive and not a fan of this being protected under free speech, I will argue that if you want free speech to cover protests, then no one gets arrested at an actual protest that involves peoples "political rights". It is hypocritical to fight for one side to 'save' all sides since the system itself is set up to protect the side who is speaking, protesting and yelling on behalf of "their" god. That is not political free speech, in my opinion, it is supposed to be kept in your church, house, radio, tv. not politics.

The Constitiution is a good base for a country. So, let me ask this - what else do the "believers" think and use as a good base for morality in "their" country?

It is a system set up to favor one over another. Use it for your own gain, if you can and alas, At least be honest in saying that it is an imperfect document that needs to be updated.

Good article to read and many good points. Thank you for sharing.

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 15:49:06 UTC | #604387


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That video was not satire, trolling or whatever she "claimed" it to be (in my opinion of course). Since her account is now closed, I am unable to view her claims of trolling.

The words in that video made me want to vomit. How one could take a disaster of Japans magnitude and say, ugh. I'm disgusted. Even if "those" type people are out there saying such things & believing them (pat robertson anyone) why give a venue (besides youtube) to them here?

The freaks who say such things should be exiled from civilizations because they surely aren't human. Shame on her and faux "satire".

Real people died. Very inappropriate.

Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:23:32 UTC | #603693

Go to: Trusting in god...not religious?

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Slap in the face to this American - Every single time I see us lose in court - I am a little closer to becoming mad.

It is the establishment of the US and try as they may to say it is not an endorsement to the christian god, they are liars. Just to make sure the us vs. them mentality is still strong. Surely the country that has freedom of religion cannot be pledging/spending/justice serving, with "in nothing we trust" however will our "enemies" know who we beholden to...(extreme sarcasm).

Our laws to keep US free From Them are not being handed a fair/legal share in our justice system due to this stupidity (other words come to mind but I'll not use those).

Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:25:35 UTC | #602660

Go to: Why Are Atheists So Angry?

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Comment 160 by locutus7 :

God is apparently a republican, or for our British colleagues, a Whig (do I have that right?). Meaning, no sympathy for the poor or less fortunate. And vocally anti-gay while secretly buggering young boys. Well, if not god himself, at least his pervert spokes people.

Maybe god will run for the 2012 American presidential election as the Republican candidate. Turn back the clock to the dark ages.

This "angry Atheist" agrees! Wouldn't it be grand..if only they could find him/she/it/what- the-hell-ever (sarcasm of course since I'm not a repub).

I'm angry rabbi because you are calling me angry.

Not really, I simply think your toxic tone and references towards your ilk are killing more brain cells than weed. Oh and us "angry Atheists" have evidence & facts on our side. What was that you had again? That's right, religious "serious" thinkers as opposed to...

All in all, I stand (again) that this is why Science and religion can never get along.

"I also don't think that atheists have a good reason to be angry because the facts are not on their side. All of the facts suggest that we have a Maker. We would not function if we did not have a Maker of the 25 essential elements that makes up all of our structure and function. Science has provided enough informatio­n for us to determine that we indeed do have a Maker."

*That is from one of the comments at huff. *

& rabbi wonders why we get angry (shrug, sigh).

Mon, 14 Mar 2011 19:24:31 UTC | #602642

Go to: America loses faith with the God Squad?

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@raytoman "Obviously Republicans are smarter and since Americans are particularly stupid, Democrats must be very stupid."

In which country do you live in? I would love to hear Your idea's on what (exactly) makes Democrats "stupid" or repugs so smart? If most campaign $'s come from Corporations, how would You fix our so-called Democracy? (Democrats do not receive nearly as much corp. $) 1 person = 1 vote, subjective to which state you may be voting in (see statistics on 2000 elections). So your argument is Obama is the same as W? Take a look at what he accomplished in 2 years, then compare it to W.
Who "tried" to get things done? What you seem to not take into consideration would be the "fringe" group (teabags) that grew due to highly "scarey" issues called Healthcare Reform, DADT, New START, etc..(google the rest) You are correct that Dem's did not show up for the party in 2010, might that be caused by a disbelief that ANY of the nutjobs would get elected? Ever? Money talks, my friend, never as loud as after citizens united (conicidence?). See what Big Money can buy you, a one way trip to fighting the same fight as always and never visiting what a progressive future could bring. Please don't paint with one broad brush.

@ One Man Damned, "I also think it is largely a generational issue. Younger people in the U.S. are, by and large, less religious and less conservative than their elders. Unfortunately, they don't vote in as great a number."

You may want to do a search on what percentage of the population voted for Obama. If not for the youth he would not have won, old white and "baby booming" voters did not vote for Obama.

I have been out in the streets, at capitols, at Universities and I must disagree that the younger generations are not involved. Quite the contrary, they see what is happening and Want to change it. That, along with the more moderate voters and the "hippie" generation.

Young voters and Independents are the people who will decide this upcoming election, and they will not vote republican/teabag. They do not represent anything but dictators with bank accounts. And they are very good at putting the US back into the year 1776. I don't know about you, but I am putting my words into Actions, while it is still allowed.

If the "god-did-its/teabags" take over, then the rest of the world can laugh harder than they already are at us.

Mon, 14 Mar 2011 17:51:18 UTC | #602605

Go to: FOURTH UPDATE: RD on Revelation TV

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Comment 263 by mmurray :

Is it me or has Richard's appearance on Revelation TV rather lowered the average IQ of the posts? Michael

Ditto. When I checked the link this morning, wow. There is no reasoning/logic/facts with most of these "believers". So many posts, so little ability to aquire current knowledge instead of just biblical history aka - god-did-it with genisis...

Comment 277 by ceeb2 :

Any research on death? Why do we die? Please don’t be sarcastic…. thanks

There is nothing I would like more than to bring out my bag of sarcastic answers to such ridiculous questions.

As Roger J said, Please, for your own brain, Go To A Library.

Mon, 14 Mar 2011 15:23:25 UTC | #602553

Go to: America loses faith with the God Squad?

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Very small case. Obama will win in '12. The American States with the ideological Governors have/are losing. The US is undergoing a sad state of affairs currently. What is being presented by our legislative branch of Gov't is appalling. It is nothing but ideology 101. Cutting a crumbling education system systematically under the guise of "budget crisis" (makes more room for charter/faith schools).

They may not have the numbers for a Presidential election, but they do have ways of screwing up (or keeping the same?) Middle America & the South.

The "coasts" are where you'll find the no-god squad hope and fight.

Democracy at it's finest. I wouldn't be on the look-out for the Super Secular America anytime soon. (Unfortunately) but we are trying. Thanks for the read, hadn't seen it yet.


Thu, 10 Mar 2011 21:17:43 UTC | #601050

Go to: FOURTH UPDATE: RD on Revelation TV

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@ AtheistEgbert,

No. It did show how tolerant Professor Dawkins is though.

Thu, 10 Mar 2011 18:56:30 UTC | #600980