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The deluded are always going that extra mile to make sure that the box they live in is as small as possible. It pains them to have to think for themselves. The criminal aspect is the fact that these are adults that are trying to impose these limitations on the innocent youth before they can judge for themselves what is right or wrong.

Sat, 28 Jul 2012 20:30:26 UTC | #950241

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I like the idea that this could happen. I would hope for a query of the winning atheist as to how they became so knowledgeable and the winner could respond that they were drawn to research of fictional myth's and legends created in the minds of Humans.

Sat, 28 Jul 2012 20:23:00 UTC | #950240

Go to: Human Societies Starting to Resemble Ant Colonies

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I will take George Carlin's view on this story and keep my fingers crossed that we are scheduled for the back door. The world will be a far calmer and better place without us around. The faster we depart the better.

Mon, 07 May 2012 10:31:35 UTC | #940272

Go to: Conversion on Mount Improbable: How Evolution Challenges Christian Dogma

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Once you scrape the delusion off things get better from that point on. I still remember a strange occurrence in my life and it connects roughly to this story of a pastor loosing his faith. The family pastor of my youth and adulthood, the man who baptized me, came to me while I was still in the delusion and expressed his opinion that he had lost his faith. I tried to comfort him and suggest materials that would bolster his wavering. This admission occurred decades ago. How ludicrous that I became an adamant atheist these many years later on my own discovery path. I doubt that I changed his mind and I am fairly certain he maintained his opinion that is was all bullshit and was only coming clean to someone he felt he had affected. He is passed away now but I feel he got out clean most likely. Religion and faith in the invisible monkey is total horse shit and the greatest affliction that mankind has suffered. When it finally dies the healing will begin.

Mon, 07 May 2012 07:05:18 UTC | #940253

Go to: Cardinal Brady will not resign over 'abuse failure'

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It's all about the feedbag and refusing to take it off. They love the cash and refuse to let it go. Delusions on sale 1/2 price today, just put your cash in the collection plate and your sins are forgiven.

Thu, 03 May 2012 07:36:01 UTC | #939272

Go to: How Critical Thinkers Lose Their Faith in God

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Religion is the gift that keeps punishing irrespective of the society that lives under it's boot. It's shit today, tomorrow and everyday after that. You cannot relegate it to minimal relevance because the shitty aspects keep floating to the surface time and time again. Unfortunately it is the excrement that will not flush.

Thu, 03 May 2012 07:32:19 UTC | #939271

Go to: Human Races May Have Biological Meaning, But Races Mean Nothing About Humanity

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To contemplate man as becoming non-dangerous and placated by education and societal norms offering a civilized society is an illusion. Our impulses will not be eradicated or calmed by a social model that requires adherence to it's rules. Watch the hell out and keep an eye on your fellow man for your own sake or ignore my advise at your peril. Statistics would favor instability in my opinion especially in light of the forth coming global instability on the horizon. I personally like the idea of a boat for safe distance insurance.

Thu, 03 May 2012 07:26:02 UTC | #939267

Go to: Losing Your Religion: Analytic Thinking Can Undermine Belief

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"Obviously, this study doesn't prove the nonexistence of God.

Please get on with the one that does and the sooner the better.

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 07:03:35 UTC | #937629

Go to: Melting Ice Releases Ancient Microbes

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Who knows what is coming down the pike with these new developments but I am happy for it either way. Let's shake the tree and see what happens. Here in the United States the Republiscum are the epitome of the preverbal Ostridge with it's head in the ground denying any climate change whatsoever. I would think many would be surprised that the Mormon community is adamant that global warming is not an issue and here comes Mr. Romney who could potentially become the next leader for the United States, how scary it that. Mr. Magic underwear opposing any and all efforts to address the problem.

I guess for me it is a case of "you go I go" when I view this insanity. I will likely suffer from the in-action of the Republican scumbags but as long as l get to see them suffer in the mix I can make my peace with it all. One crazy way to see it I admit but what other options do we have since the opposition to any effective measures to curb the warming are thwarted by the petroleum industry who love cash more than life itself and will do anything they can to push the story under the rug.

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 04:47:12 UTC | #937397

Go to: School vouchers and the religious subversion of church-state separation

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Fantastic need to keep pushing the great monkey in the sky story. Really doesn't matter how they get it done as long as they do. The problem from my perspective is the religiously affected feel they are doing the great monkey in the sky a favor by slipping the "good message" in wherever they can. When you live in a delusion it is pretty easy to prop up your delusions a little further and see no harm in your actions.

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 04:25:39 UTC | #937396

Go to: It’s Time for the US To Finally Sign the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

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Yesterday, word leaked out that North Korea, the world’s most closed society, is getting ready to perform its third nuclear weapon test, following earlier tests in 2006 and 2009.

I am quite sure North Korea will set off another nuclear test explosion and will continue to be as troublesome as they can possibly be. The real problem is China will continue to give them their Communistic blessings and love every minute of the stress they can cause the rest of the World. Those who buy Chinese crap ought to be ashamed of themselves for supporting those pigs.

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 04:19:17 UTC | #937395

Go to: “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” To Be Published By Pitchstone!

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Or is it because they have legitimate reasons to be angry

I would say that line sums it up. What's not to be angry at since this rat-shit myth has the staying power of a black ink stain on a white shirt. It's the shitty gift that keeps giving you more frustration at every turn. I would like to take a look at the book and have it quantify what is more than likely the territory I have trudged many a day in my musings. Thanks for putting it in print Greta and I hope a few "believers" will pick it up unsuspecting.

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 06:02:25 UTC | #936413

Go to: Mount Etna eruption expected any time now - webcam

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This is an example of a news story about climate change affecting volcanism and earthquakes. It is certainly not definitive but I do find the theory interesting.

Mon, 16 Apr 2012 16:09:19 UTC | #935078

Go to: Indian skeptic charged with "blasphemy" for revealing secret behind "miracle" of weeping cross

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What makes you think you would do so much better if you were raised in this environment ?

Rationality isn't in the genes it's in the culture.


Even those who are mired down in this mess can see the reality of their disposition and that is often the case. I hope you were not spoiling for a fight on the issue. I was just pointing out that a certain portion of the populace is deluded, just as it is in a modern populace like America or the UK. Might I suggest an American named Sara Palin who was an actual Vice Presidential candidate who could see Russia from her home in Alaska.

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 10:20:28 UTC | #934784

Go to: 'Gay cure' Christian charity funded 20 MPs' interns

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So that nasty little specter of human guilt creeps back into view. From my observation and speculation the rejection of our impulses, which are entirely natural by the way, seem to conflict with the storied tales of how we should act otherwise. Go tell it to the Bonobo that they have it wrong. Just bullshit really that we can't get past our introspective insecurities. Get over it and move on folks. Free love today, tomorrow, and everyday after that. Amen and get your freak on. The lesbian couple down the street, who are among my closest friends, gave me a huge hug today on my walk and it was so special to me, my friends giving me a hug and making my day that much better. How tragic that so many reject those who are no different than us other than a different interpretation of sexual attraction. Hope this rejection goes away, but most likely it will not happen in my life time.

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 07:18:32 UTC | #934761

Go to: Indian skeptic charged with "blasphemy" for revealing secret behind "miracle" of weeping cross

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Clearly the chance of drowning in ignorance trumps drowning in water. How much dumber can these people get? Makes you wonder, these are our fellow human brothers and sisters who seem to be incapable of accepting the obvious reason for this phenomenon. Pathetic really.

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 07:08:23 UTC | #934760

Go to: Mount Etna eruption expected any time now - webcam

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There have been suggestions that the warming climate for Earth will see the advent of increased volcanic and earthquake intensity/activity. The series of recent, relatively large quakes, in conjunction with the volcanic activity around the world makes me think there may be validity to that speculated reality.

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 06:57:10 UTC | #934758

Go to: Prime Minister’s dissembling, hypocritical and disingenuous speech to religious leaders

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Might I suggest something that many may have forgotten and that is we are brothers separated by water only. The English and every condition spread about that area are the same people in the land called America. I am, you. Please do not forget me.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 10:00:54 UTC | #932293

Go to: Prime Minister’s dissembling, hypocritical and disingenuous speech to religious leaders

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Comment 9 by Cartomancer What is it with horrid people called Dave getting in the way of my life's ambition to marry my beloved James and live happily ever after?

The problem is in your asking permission based on the bullshit presumptions that have been imposed on you. That is it in a nut shell.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 09:53:08 UTC | #932289

Go to: Prime Minister’s dissembling, hypocritical and disingenuous speech to religious leaders

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Comment 7 by mmurray

What might we expect after that condition Michael. Will we see relief from that frustration and what will the bill be for the expectation's. Please consider my question as a pleading and non-confrontational. Thanks

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 09:48:14 UTC | #932288

Go to: Prime Minister’s dissembling, hypocritical and disingenuous speech to religious leaders

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The important point to my mind is we continue to suffer the delusion of religion and keep addressing this madness to our ultimate frustration. We will never receive an answer to the questions everyone want's addressed but we continue discussing this nonsense trying to answer the goofy myth's of those days gone by. There is no god and trying to consider the myth is like suggesting the moons of Saturn are a plausible explanation to our occasional digestion problems. Religion is nonsense today, tomorrow, and for all time i'm afraid and the relief will never come until this crap is scraped off entirely. If and when that day comes, and if we are still here to contemplate the problem, we will still have to come to grips with our condition at large and that is our propensity to value greed and gain, at any cost, on an individual level. GOD is not going to help us because we are just complicated monkeys. Get over it and accept it. There is no God!

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 09:37:49 UTC | #932283

Go to: Prime Minister’s dissembling, hypocritical and disingenuous speech to religious leaders

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Might I suggest, respectfully, that your prime minister believe's in rape and adultery. I am sorry to keep bringing this point up but it is entirely relevant and on point. If god, the rapist, had sex with Mary without her knowledge and knocked her up he is for all, and every purpose, a rapist. If god knocked up Mary against her knowledge he made her an adulteress in relation to Joseph. It can't be any clearer than that my friends. Scumbags are scumbags and by every definition the main monkey in the sky is a scumbag rapist and that is the way it is. Get over it and accept it.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 08:51:00 UTC | #932270

Go to: Prime Minister’s dissembling, hypocritical and disingenuous speech to religious leaders

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Going to wrap himself up in that clock of filth if it serves his goals I would think. Religion is, as always, a delusion that keeps giving to the deluded ignorant fools that follow it's instructions. How depressing that educated men can suggest this foolishness and purport the ancient myth as truth. How dare he slink this low. Shame, shame, shame on him.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 08:40:17 UTC | #932263

Go to: University of Georgia - commencement prayer

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Comment 1 by StephenJoiner Thanks for putting this up! I am happy to answer any questions about what has taken place at UGA.

Do not waver Stephen and stay strong for you are certainly in the right. They will balk as they alway do but that is their problem. I am glad to see this effort. Best.

Tue, 03 Apr 2012 03:37:49 UTC | #932050

Go to: Despite oppression, Black atheists fight to be heard

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We all have some obstacle it seems when it comes to the conversion from delusion to sanity and ultimately freedom. It is very interesting that those still mired in religion see us and the deprived deluded fools when in actuality they are describing themselves. I don't say this maliciously because I would dearly love to see them liberated but they often will not budge due to the indoctrination or cultural pressures of their situation. I feel for Sean and wish him the best but regardless of what he encounters he is, at the very least, able to think for himself and that alone is priceless. Breath the free air Sean, I am sure you understand how liberating it is to dump the affliction and wake up to the possibilities of free thought regardless of the price you had to pay.

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 05:40:22 UTC | #931818

Go to: A universe without purpose

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Thank you AthistEgbert for your observation - The truth is, the more we learn about the universe, the more non-intuitive and unfathomable it becomes. Every point in the universe is expanding away from each other point, and therefore is no center of the universe, and yet we aren't even aware of it, nor can we imagine it..

It would be amazing what we could see if we could get out of the way of ourselves but find a way to utilize the altered perspective. The world is certainly much larger than we can speculate on and we will never be able to grasp it all but hopefully that will never limit our thinking about it all.

I use the following saying occasionally and it come from a corridor that one might not expect, at least it didn't for me but it is the following - "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" from Jimi Hendrix. I use it to calm myself sometimes and as a tool to force myself to see a new point of view or proposition. I like to think that I am an old dog that can learn a new trick and I thank Jimi for the nudge to open my mind to listening.

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 23:47:54 UTC | #931778

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I am very much affected by and appreciate Lawrence for his propositions because they make me think. This article brought me back to a road I traveled once upon a time in my mind. When I was still in the delusion of religion I had this bullshit view that supported the creation theory that went something like this - the world generally is arranged, and so perfectly suited to our needs, like the air that we breath or the food that brings sustenance in a myriad of forms that clearly it had to be that way because of a creator. This list of mine went on and on really to support this crud thinking on my part. My ignorance is self-evident with this admission but hopefully it will help someone else so I don't mind the personal implications in admitting this failed thinking on my part.

It didn't take long to realize that there are just as many things that can take us out like bacteria/disease (can you say black death) and other factors that served to crush this stinking thinking on my part. I can now view the world without it being specific only as to how it relates to mankind and that gives me a far larger world to examine. The advancements that Lawrence suggests in such a short time span are truly impressive and I hope we can just learn to ditch the affliction of religion that crushes an inquiring mind. The world that could exist without the religious anchor that acts like a tether to irrationality would serve us greatly as a species and free our minds to look outside of the box.

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 23:24:54 UTC | #931771

Go to: Concert at Army post in NC geared toward atheists

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Reporters always seem to discount or neglect to offer a view that many may have been supportive and just not able to attend the event. I am one of those people who did not attend but I was most certainly there mentally in my support of the event. I hope there are many more like it in the future. Thank you Richard for being there to support their efforts.

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 22:45:49 UTC | #931754

Go to: Lawrence Krauss at the Reason Rally Wash. DC 3/24/2012

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Comment 11 by Cartomancer - not entirely sure what you mean with the phrase "it is suggested here". Is that supposed to be a recapitulation of my point, above, or simply a very formal, essayistic way of saying "I beg to differ"?

My reference was not meant to be accusatory or confrontational. I would say your later suggested interpretation would most likely fit the bill and should be viewed as a mildly opposing postulation and nothing more. I do want to thank you for your subsequent views of the period. I have an interest in cultural anthropology and that made the discussion of this period interesting to me. I would whole heartedly agree, or offer a personal interpretation, that it is alway difficult to get to the root view of the most likely occurrences of an era for the following reason, and that is - to the victors goes the ability to write the history - and I think you would agree that mankind's reasoning can offer a slanted view of events that can cloud that actual events as they unfolded. The casual observer's views were most likely dismissed or never recorded for obvious reasons.

Multiple views of speculated/suggested realities are very much appreciated, yours as well my friend, in examining that period of time. Knowledge is always a good thing, as is discussion and further speculation that might illuminate our understanding. When we think we know it all we cease to learn and I try to avoid that trap and keep an open mind. I will certainly jettison information once I weight the evidence that suggests a more plausible explanation and I think you would agree with my view on this point. Thank you for your post Cartomancer, it was much appreciated and broadened my day.

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 22:20:13 UTC | #931742

Go to: Lawrence Krauss at the Reason Rally Wash. DC 3/24/2012

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It is suggested here that the dark ages are not a product of the period before it. It is easy to have opposing views of a period of time and there can exist validity in both views but I tend to look at the playing field at large generally. Clearly the open minded speculation and fragments of the greek intellect and other contributors survived going forward but the bulk of progress was certainly hamstrung and crippled in the dark ages. The feudal system reared it's ugly head and the "infection of religion" on the masses was most certainly a major factor in thwarting our ability to think and act unhampered. Unfortunately those medieval fragments are still with today. One should not overlook the reason for the general decline that brought on the dark ages and that condition was largely economic and that threat is also with us today, as many can see for themselves.

I would make the point that there are rational/scientific minded people in our current supposed age of enlightenment that should be prevailing but they are not presently. Just look at what is happening with the deniers who are affecting our ability to act against the very real problems we face and their ability to thwart the necessary steps that are needed for the benefit of us all. There are many here on RDFRS who are aware of the pervasive threat's against reason that can pull as down just as effectively as it did for those people in the dark ages and that is testament of our ability to see the implications of the middle ages that might affect our ability to move forward boldly today.

I am very appreciative of Lawrence Krauss's intellect and the intellect of others here on and I hope to become more aware daily. I hope we can collectively move forward eventually and ditch this insanity of religion and the stinking thinking that cripples us as a species.

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 17:09:34 UTC | #931685