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2. Comment #483151 by DamnDirtyApe

"In the leaders debate, all three party leaders said the pope is welcome to visit England."

Of course they did - even catholics are allowed to vote you know.

Sat, 24 Apr 2010 13:41:00 UTC | #462392

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2. Comment #479676 by -ID62

"For those who follow the line that says something like "it will never happen so why bother?" I say "lead, follow, or get out of the way".


Unfortunately there's always been a percentage of people on this site whose main aim seems to be self-aggrandizement rather the cause of unification which is obviously required. I have long said so.

Even if this tactic fails it will at worst highlight the unacceptable situation we have with regard to immunity from prosecution for a tiny minority. Why am I not immune if another can be? What's the point in having laws? It's daft and sends out a stupid and dangerous message.

Anyway, we're off to Valencia today, it'll be interesting to gauge reactions there.

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 10:54:00 UTC | #459242

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Comment #478614 by Michael Gray

"How would an atheist be accused of not the crime per se, but accepting the voluntary encouragement of institutionalised support for executing such foul deeds?"

Irrelevant question I think?

What matters is the crimes themselves, without them we have no case against the pope. But in any case I think of a few answers to your question e.g. Boy Scout leaders, Boys Brigade leaders etc. They could be atheistic sexual predators whose leader might perform the same kind of cover-up the pope did, how's that?

As a kid in my home town we all knew of an Army Cadet captain whose "lieutenants" and himself were up to the same thing as the pope's gang. Luckily the adults in that small Scottish town rectified the situation by making the captain require new dentition and a nose-job!

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 09:56:00 UTC | #458010

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All the concern over PR and worries about this and that are basically irrelevant.

More importantly, we have to hope that no-one on "our" side will be found guilty of similar crimes, famous or not, such a person would set us back years.

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 08:56:00 UTC | #457993

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Comment #478580 by Richard Dawkins

Yes, as I said at 22, it looks like a win/win situation. Just the attempt to arrest the pope will raise consciousness worldwide and hammers home the point that the days of 'special respect' for religion are over.

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 08:40:00 UTC | #457988

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Good move!

At best they'll succeed, at worst Ratzinger won't show, either way it's bad news for paedophile enablers and a win/win situation for D&H!

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 02:42:00 UTC | #457877

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"Should creationism be taught in British classrooms?"

Absolutely not!

Should creationism be critically examined in British classrooms?


Wed, 07 Apr 2010 12:37:00 UTC | #456695

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22. Comment #475569 by scottishgeologist

Holy shit! I wish you hadn't given me that link :) That guy is almost impossible to read, perhaps he thinks that white space is a device of Satan or that his readers have non-scrolling screens!

However, that's something I'd like to see, a bunch of religites arguing because some are less or more deluded than others!

Thu, 01 Apr 2010 23:32:00 UTC | #455125

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14. Comment #475510 by scottishgeologist

While it's true the H&I have been traditionally pious I think religion is steadily declining there. Last summer we took a tour of the H&I and were struck by the number of defunct little churches we saw. Actually, the most striking impression was the number of English people living on Lewis, I almost felt like a foreigner :)

Thu, 01 Apr 2010 17:12:00 UTC | #455006

Go to: Science writer Simon Singh wins libel appeal

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It seems clear to me that many people who comment here don't appreciate the potential power we have. Simple statements of unity like helping selected causes are a good start, probably many of us can't afford to help financially but who's counting?

Those of us fortunate enough to afford a few quid can start balls rolling and see if any moss gathers. For example, I would certainly donate to Simon Singh's case if others would help.

Thu, 01 Apr 2010 12:04:00 UTC | #454866

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How about a whip-round for Simon?

Yes, the law needs replacing - we don't need to keep feeding blood-sucking lawyers; helping him could result in good publicity for rationality generally and RDFRS.

Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:49:00 UTC | #454852

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8. Comment #474430 by hoops mccann

Nice one :)

Humour is sadly lacking on this site; good to see it.

Tue, 30 Mar 2010 20:53:00 UTC | #454161

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98. Comment #473922 by Paul Pelosi


I glanced idly at your piddling reply to me but got bored after the first few words. I saw no point in wasting even the small amount of time it would take to read all of it. The glance told me it would be unworthy of even the minor intellectual effort I'd have to apply in crushing you.

I hate to waste time arguing with people like yourself for the simple reason that you have no argument worthy of discussion. As for your advice on my "comment management", I gave that a few nanoseconds of thought and decided that "go fuck yourself" was probably the best suited reply I could make.

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:08:00 UTC | #453615

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7. Comment #473756 by Paul Pelosi

"The aberrations of history (The far-seeing alliance with Charlemagne, the abominations of the Crusades, the horrors of the Inquisition, the support of the Nazis, the abuse of children) can be ignored in much the same way that Nature ignores man's academic achievements."

"The child abuse thing will pass into history as have all the other abominations, and the Catholic Church will emerge just as strong if not stronger than before."

Complete bollocks!

Catholicism like all religions will die because they are static and and cannot change to deal with a dynamic world. The relentless strangling hands of rising worldwide education is around their necks, it's only a matter of time before they draw their last breath. Right now they're kicking and struggling a little as any victim might.

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 01:01:00 UTC | #453543

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66. Comment #473861 by bslyndon

I can't make up my mind about you. Either you're a Catholic apologist or just plain stupid; let me explain the situation for you.

It's not that raping priests are in the minority - let's hope they are - it's the fact that their heinous criminal deeds were/are covered up by their bosses who knew the harm it would to them personally and their rotten organization generally.

If you can understand that then perhaps you can see why Richard Dawkins and almost everyone else here is rightly angry. If you don't understand then you must be stupid or willfully ignorant!

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 00:37:00 UTC | #453539

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21. Comment #469268 by Cartomancer

"Far too much heterosexuality going on by all accounts"

I hope this is a joke otherwise people like me who note your tendency to accuse others of homophobia and transphobia, might start labeling you as heterophobic!

Sun, 14 Mar 2010 11:02:00 UTC | #449275

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Carolyn King biologist and theologian!

What kind of fucked up mind does she have???

Sat, 13 Mar 2010 15:28:00 UTC | #449083

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17. Comment #465539 by prettygoodformonkeys

Why don't you chalk up your own message maybe something like:


Sat, 06 Mar 2010 22:44:00 UTC | #447107

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519. Comment #465585 by hackenslash

And you think you and the rest of the "we have moved brigade" are being rational? What do you think is going on here, a gentlemen's debate, a proposition for Wittgenstein? Take a look at history, we humans use ad hominem all the time, often to the death! That's the way things are and unfortunately neither you nor I can change that.

You're just being silly and can't accept the fact that your elitist-necks have been trod on by the muddy boot of the RDF masses. Live with that and learn. My final word on this matter.

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 10:46:00 UTC | #445795

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516. Comment #465582 by hackenslash

Against pig-headedness and preciousness ad hominem is not just the best way it is the only way!

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 01:45:00 UTC | #445673

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511. Comment #465574 by eikinkloster

Ligertwood is right, I said the same thing a few pages before him.

Holy shit, you are exactly the intellectual snob we don't need! Hasn't this thread made it clear that you're in the minority? Most people don't give a fuck about your precious comments, if they are a total loss to you it means you were a fool not to make you own back-ups. Do you expect us to feel sorry for you because Daddy Dawkins didn't look after them for you?

Your incessant prattling on about Richards "crime" is not only unhelpful, it's fucking puerile. I vote that wankers like yourself be banned forthwith. You label Ligertwood as tragic but fail to see the tragedy of yourself. If atheism is to gain momentum is doesn't need your kind.

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 01:23:00 UTC | #445668

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I hope the new site makes a major change, we need to dump the intellectual snobbery.

Look, the average christian or religite of any flavour does not not need a thesis presented to him/her, it will most likely put them off, especially if they're treated with disdain and derision at the same time. What they need mostly is friendly help.

I make this comment based upon real-life experience in dealing with religites face-to-face here in the UK and also in the USA, people are everywhere the same.

Yes, the Pat Robertson's and Ken Ham's and their ilk do deserve the disdain and derision, they manipulate the average faith-head for their own ends, but they don't come here.

I propose we treat any religite who comes with courtesy, ask why they came, if to learn about atheism then we should explain it. Perhaps even a standard text written by Richard Dawkins can be used, we need to be in complete, united agreement with it of course. It will quickly become clear if their intention is not to learn but to antagonize or troll, they should then be given a warning that such behaviour is not acceptable, a further infraction should result in the deletion of all their comments and banishment. No need for "alternate threads" which are a waste of space and probably a waste of maintenance time.

Experience and the advice of other renowned thinkers has conclusively shown that derision and insult is not the way. Let us re-evaluate our position.

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 01:02:00 UTC | #445664

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380. Comment #465321 by IamthereforeIthink

"Personally, I think you don't know enough about what actually happened to comment. All functionality on the forum was withdrawn over a period of about 15 minutes. People visiting the site after this time were left bewildered, not knowing what was going on, and with no way to find out. "

I think I do, I read what had happened and that was enough. You see, in the real world things break all the time. I had no need to visit your refugee site in order to form an opinion but even if I didn't know then I know now.

"The avatar was about the only thing that could still be modified. Hence many people put up a sign with the address of the other forum, so that the confused folk visiting the RD forum could go over to the other forum and find out what happened."

Sounds like another lame excuse to me.

The simple fact is that we ALL know now so there is absolutely no need for those silly avatars anymore, why are they and you still here if not only to annoy and inflame?

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:21:00 UTC | #445464

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I'm sure most people are capable of troll-detection by themselves without your help even if they can't resist responding.

Personally, I think that people like yourself who blatantly advertise another site are trolls of the highest order. Your aim seems to be a desire to inflame; I don't buy the "it's so my friends can find me" bullshit.

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 15:06:00 UTC | #445411

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Nice picture of "Dafty" you have there Daftness, I was at his house last year and was pleased to see the number of world-wide signatories who'd visited. I'll go again in a few weeks and see how many more there are.

On the off-topic thing, I'd say this.

If, in the new scheme of things strict adherence to the topic is introduced, I think it will be detrimental overall. Off-topic comments are by their very nature, spontaneous; having a separate place for off-topic chit-chat destroys the spontaneity. As a member here since the very start, I have always obeyed the site rules and only had a off-topic ticking-off once. Naturally, because it isn't my money paying for the site, I didn't complain. I rarely comment much these days anyway and if the new site isn't to my liking, I shall comment no more. And I really mean that unlike some I could mention...

Simples, as the meerkat says. :)

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 14:53:00 UTC | #445405

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313. Comment #465195 by fretmeister

Glad to see I diverted some vile bile away from the Dawkins team at least and that you think my comments were low-grade. That pleases me - it means they reach a wider audience, that's another thing pseudo-intellectuals can't seem to grasp. It is the common average person who must be convinced if change is to take place, it will only be achieved by encouragement not insults. That's why I try to avoid insulting such persons - they don't deserve it.

Go pluck some strings and stop "fretting" so much. :)

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 13:17:00 UTC | #445347

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This is pathetic.

To all you childish wankers who have changed avatars advertising your new home, I say this.


Why are you still here? If this were reality you wouldn't dare behave like this for fear of having your silly arses thrown out in the street! You're lucky Richard Dawkins is tolerant man, if I were him I'd have all your insulting comments deleted and ban the lot of you! What do you think this is, a fucking democracy? Get real and get a grip!

You're like a bunch of petty little prima donnas with a bad case of PMS!

To those of you who are males in the above category, start acting like men, not like boys and thumb-sucking babies!

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 10:59:00 UTC | #445286

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99. Comment #464922 by SmilingAtheist

"I don't comment much I mostly read but it seems to me that maybe some people have way too much invested in their 'virtual lives' and not enough in real life."

Indeed, I find it incredible that people would be so upset over this. Any disgruntled author whose "masterpiece" has been deleted can simply upload it again from their local copy; please don't tell me they don't have back-ups!

Having been a victim of volunteer moderators in the past, I don't feel very sorry for them, many seem to do the job out of a need for self-aggrandisement.

I agree sadly, that there are apparently some vicious atheists around whose reactions were hugely out of proportion. After all, was anyone physically hurt? No, I think not. Was anyone financially hurt? Again, no I think not. It seems to me the only damages were a few light ego-bruisings! Not very clever I think, to make a creationist laughing stock out of atheism over such minor problems.

It seems also that some of us atheists who see ourselves as "clever" need to re-evaluate. There are some very well-written posts on the forum that make the mistake of attacking the intelligence of the people at whom the marvelous explanation is aimed! Is that wise? Personally I think it borders on stupidity. Such posts, beautiful as they may be, seem to be aimed at garnering the accolades of peers more than anything else.

I hope all concerned in this minor debacle can learn from it.

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 01:26:00 UTC | #445144

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Those of you who remember the early days will recall the timeout bug - it may still exist - that trashed comments that took some time to write. I avoided the bug simply by writing locally then pasting only when complete; which leads me to the point I wish to make.

We all know when we've written something we consider may have some value or merit and so it seems incredible to me that people who have had their masterpieces deleted didn't think to keep local copies! If people did keep copies then I don't understand the fuss, if they didn't they made a foolish mistake!

Incidentally, I joined RDF the day after Richard Dawkins did and can probably claim to be the first person to receive a wrist-slapping by Josh for straying off topic, I didn't complain, why should I? However, I noticed that off-topic comments rapidly increased in frequency and offenders went unpunished, that was the first inkling of inconsistent moderation.

Personally, I'd had experience of fora prior to this site and so did not visit there much so I don't feel as upset about the changes as many do although I understand their grievances. I will await with mild and casual interest to see what the new site brings.

Fri, 26 Feb 2010 22:13:00 UTC | #444401

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I think you should consider a name change because:

1. You don't seem to have found any.
2. UnderScoresAreAWasteOfSpace

Fri, 26 Feb 2010 01:33:00 UTC | #444165