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Dear Prof.Dawkins. What you have just written is so very true and humane. You publicly reflect our most natural desire - to protect our loved ones and others around us - no matter how much culture 'memetically' changes. As Prof Dennett has extolled in his book 'Freedom Evolves' (pg304), "In the next century it will be our memes, both tonic and toxic, that will wreak havoc on the unprepared world".

Wed, 25 Jul 2012 11:49:49 UTC | #950038

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BREAKING NEWS. . .BREAKING OLYMPIC NEWS. . . UK ex-Member of Parliament, Miss ANNE WIDDECOMBE (Papal Hammer throw'g team) is to light the Olympic flame. In a world exclusive interview with our own 'FOXY' Bill O'Really, an exuberant, demonic eyed, Miss Widdo - when informed that a certain English comedy actor would be tied to the Flame mast - GROWLED wildly and screamed, "Holy Father BENE, I have prayed for this and 'You' listened to ME?, yes. .YES. .OH YES". "I cant wait to burn that ever - so - so popular comic HERETIC, Stephen FRY . . .Oh Lord above. . yes, yes, I WILL do thy will and he, FRYYYY, (spits out venom) shall feel THE FLAMES OF THY WRATH!!" . . . . . BREAKING NEWS . . .

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 12:41:52 UTC | #949981

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Dear Mr.Darcy. How about - "Divine 'spinning' at DisQus" ? (RDF's new wobbly comments system) Or, (sic), "The Vatican men's relay team" (Thrusting the 'baton' at your well groomed boy in front.) But dont worry, if you drop the 'holy Shot Put' balls short the world's media will compliantly accept a humble "Sorry" by your 'Head' Coach. (except at Penn State Univ.)

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 13:47:19 UTC | #949892

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No need to worry about the odd mad bulldozer driver on the Motorway. I just remembered the Air Canada passenger jet running out of fuel in mid-flight . . . . . . "The subsequent investigation revealed corporate failures and a chain of minor human errors that combined to defeat built-in safeguards. In addition, fuel loading was miscalculated through misunderstanding of the recently adopted metric system, which replaced the imperial system". English to French - 'lost in translation'!?

Fri, 15 Jun 2012 16:44:31 UTC | #947593

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Lets not forget the grinding, polish'g and tests check'g error made to Hubbles primary mirror! . . . . . . .

"NASA has established how a mirror aboard its $1.5 billion Hubble Telescope came to be the wrong shape. The agency said last week that errors in a test instrument apparently led Perkin-Elmer, which fabricated the optics, to finish the 2.4-metre primary mirror of the Hubble Space Telescope incorrectly. Tests by NASA earlier this month showed that a lens in the test instrument, called the 'reflective null corrector', is about a millimetre askew. Preliminary analysis indicates that an error of this magnitude could cause the spherical aberration that prevents Hubble from focusing sharply. The crucial error, the misalignment of a lens by a millimetre, is 'very large' by optical standards, says Daniel Schroeder, an astronomer at Beloit College in Wisconsin, and a codesigner of Hubble. In some optical instruments, positions are measured to a fraction of the wavelength of light, less than a thousandth of a millimetre. Ironically, Perkin-Elmer ignored warnings ..." (NewScientist '90)

Fri, 15 Jun 2012 00:35:48 UTC | #947502

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Dear Prof D, I hope they corrected that prism perspective error on page150? (Prof D,"What prism error?") Actually, I think the slit card is at the wrong angle. The slit should be rotated 90 deg - in the vertical position - to allow ONLY red light thru! (Prof D, "Oh God, so it is.") Me thinks Sir Isaac is turning 'redfaced' under his apple tree. A pair of grey herons gently glided over my very green cricket square today. No blue skies yet.

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:35:46 UTC | #946954

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Dear ZenD comment2. In the UK they are called 'a parliament of crows'.
" . . . . and others might get nasty and chase them away." So true!

Crow hired for security purposes to attack vandals

A specially trained Crow has been hired by Uddingston Cricket Club in the lead up to the two CB40 games on May 13 and 20. The black Hooded Crow (Corvidae Corvus) has been trained to swoop and if necessary, violently peck any vandals that enter the premises. The Crow, trained by the RWB (Royal Welsh Brigade) in Capil Curig North Wales, has already taken up residence on the frame of the new practice nets (pictured).

Stunned residents saw the stealth like crow in action yesterday, as it launched a vicious, sustained attack on an unsuspecting high school ned, who had tried to climb up the net to impress his mates. The individual was carried away by his mates, leaving a pool of blood on the grass where the crow had inflicted the nasty damage. The crown has also been trained to attack hooded teenagers, dogs, dog walkers and pigeons.

Speaking about the crow, club president Jim Lockhart said, "We approached the Specialist Defence Bird Training Brigade in North Wales a few weeks back and they were happy to help out. It will ensure that the grounds are kept safe from unruly individuals in the lead up to the CB40 games."

The Crow will be at the grounds until Monday, May 21 for anyone wanting to see it in action.

Sun, 13 May 2012 21:16:51 UTC | #941312

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One summers morning, working in our sports club playing fields after two days of rain, I saw in the distance what looked like a large, grey golf brolly - placed upright - in the middle of one of the football pitches. The 'brolly' was being dive-bombed by a squadron of squawking seagulls and then a 'mob' of young magpies appeared out of the nature trail and started to tentatively hopscotch around the unmoving 'brolly'. Joining in on the commotion, our local gang of four cannibalistic rooks just had to have a "crow" at the 'golfing apparatus'. . .then - "stone the crows" - out of the woods came our fox cubs to have a quick sniff - of course. Suddenly, the 'brolly' unfurled its enormous wings displaying a threatening posture and the 'mob' disappeared into the wood! A heroic HERON was left in peace to dry its wings in the sun.

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:37:32 UTC | #937747