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Look, the guy asked out of courtesy & you gave him the permission. You don't have any right to complain because you forfeited that right already. Be an adult, if his prayers bothers you so much, just politely mention it to him the next time. I know you don't want to out yourself, but how can anyone seriously be offended by a prayer (the prayer was not about saving your soul from eternal hellfire I presume)? Last time I checked, Atheists are not vampires.

I believe he gave permission for him to say grace, not to then spout on about god for the entire meal. I think the only thing I would have done differently would be once he started on about his Christian world views I would have told him I was not comfortable discussing religion at work and would like to stay on business related topics.

There are 7 topics considered to be taboo to discuss in the workplace. Religion is one of them. I don't think it would be rude in a business setting to let people know you're not comfortable discussing religion. As long as it's done politely.

Fri, 06 Jul 2012 23:56:16 UTC | #948706

Go to: Religious Doctor Denies Medicine for HIV Positive Gay Man

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This is just disgusting. The doctor should be fired and banned from practicing medicine everywhere. However why do I have the feeling that the old argument of "Religious Freedom" is going to be swung around in regards to this case as some sort of defense. It makes me sad that the religious don't even know what religious freedom really means.

Wed, 04 Jul 2012 22:42:29 UTC | #948583

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This is an issue I always wondered myself. How can people deny evolution and science when all the evidence is right in front of them. So much that they can even touch and test the evidence themselves and come to the same conclusion.

What really bothers me is the idea of "believing" in Science. It doesn't matter if you believe Science or not, it's fact. You can test it over and over again and it's still the same whether you believe it or not. Not believing in gravity doesn't make it go away. I am in no means a scientist but I thought that was the whole continually test and Prove the theories.

Unlike religion where you can't prove or test anything they claim. I was baptized Roman Catholic and went to church every week until I was 18 (My parents said I could decide for myself when I was 18...I chose atheist.) My brain must work differently because presented with the evidence from science I had no problem rejecting what I was told growing up by religion and embracing science.

It really frightens me sometimes knowing that grown adults, authority figures that make decisions for an entire country can easily reject scientific fact for some crazy idea that some unseen dude in the sky created the earth 10,000 years ago.

I just don't get it.

Fri, 08 Jun 2012 23:26:10 UTC | #946462

Go to: Petition to defend Indian rationalist from false accusations

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Signed.... This is seriously wrong. Another reason why I am so happy I am no longer Catholic.

Fri, 08 Jun 2012 01:26:32 UTC | #946249

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Comment 6 by Fouad Boussetta :

Silverman said this in her interview, which I think is very sensible:

We live in Los Angeles, where everybody is like, "Don't get your dog from a breeder, get your dog from a shelter..." and I agree, but don't get your people from a breeder. There are human puppies in shelters and it's odd that that never seems to be a connection that people make. If you're not OK with yourself, it's easier to love a dog than a person in need because you don't see all the things you hate about yourself reflected back in the eyes of a dog. If Africa was full of springer spaniels dying of AIDS and starvation we'd probably take care of it in a day.

Bravo Sarah.

I agree, I always thought there were too many unwanted children already, and if I ever decided to have kids I would adopt

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 23:54:26 UTC | #945998

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Ultimately I think it is really her decision. However I do understand where she is coming from. My fiancee Suffers from Bi-Polar disorder and has told me he does not want to have children as he does not want to pass it on. I see how he suffers daily and I can understand his wish. He does not want to be the cause of that kind of suffering to a child.

For those curious, no, we have decided not to have children, not just for this reason, but it is one of the factors. I myself do not wish to have kids either, and that is just because I do not wish to have kids.

So even though I do believe that environment is as much to blame as genes, I can understand the reasoning why someone would choose this path.

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 23:28:12 UTC | #945987

Go to: Classroom Clashes: Teaching evolution

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Thank goodness this is not something We have to deal with here in Canada, or at least not in my part of Canada (New Brunswick) There was no creation in the classroom and we were all taught evolution. There was no emotional debate over evolution. The only Place I heard about Adam and Eve and the Creation Story was in Sunday School (I was brought up in a Roman Catholic Family, Now Atheist)

I guess this is why I find this whole debate so ridiculous. I can't understand how people can just ignore the scientific evidence. It's all there right in front of us to see an touch, yet they choose to dismiss evolution for a God they can't prove even exists. It makes no sense to me how grown adults could believe such nonsense.

Also I don't understand how believing in evolution makes you an atheist. Science does not equal Atheist, and if people believe that Science is just an Atheist's religion then there is a bigger problem in the world than I originally thought.

Just my 2 Cents.

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 23:19:41 UTC | #945984