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Rod, how about delusion?

Sat, 10 Mar 2012 05:57:43 UTC | #925803

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Regarding the theory that the shroud is an elaborate hoax conjured by Leonardo da Vinci, I thought he was born around 1450 and the shroud's provenance goes back to 1390. As cool as it is to think Leonardo pulled something like this off, it's kinda hard to do it before you're born.

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 15:42:43 UTC | #901709

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Byrneo: I've always shot back " I don't believe in anything. I think." Sometimes, when in a pissy mood, I'll add something about not particularly caring to base my life on a bronze-age fairy tale dreamed up by cattle-sacrificing primitives. Then again, in Wisconsin, it's not too dangerous to do stuff like this. Yet. Lately it seems as though the cheeseheads are determined to turn this place into an Arctic Alabama. I work with people around here who seem to believe that demons causes disease and that witches and warlocks control the bank of England. Really bizarre, batshit insane stuff. Fortunately I work for a large hospital that really stresses "diversity" and attempts to dismiss me for my lack of belief, or my co-workers for their whackaloon beliefs, would not get too far. At least for now.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 16:30:41 UTC | #875030

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Comment 52: I ask all fundies these questions regarding the " flood "; Where did the water come from and where did it go? The whole flood bullshit thing has been pretty thoroughly thrashed at the website No Answers in Genesis. The fundies I know aren't quite smart enough to understand, but that's another story.

Fri, 16 Sep 2011 08:24:29 UTC | #871439

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I've tried explaining why public science is vital to technological innovation to my libertariantard coworkers using the example of the laser. It's similar to Carl Sagan's thought experiment about Victorian scientists being tasked with developing television in 1850. If you'd demanded that scientists develop a "death ray " in 1900 it would have been difficult (if not impossible) since the basic concept wasn't developed until some guy at a government-funded institute published a paper on the subject in 1919. It took about 40 years before the concept was turned into techonolgy, now, 50 years after the first laser was made, the damned things are everywhere.I imagine most correspondents on this site would know " some guy " was a dude name of A. Einstein working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute who was just fooling around with some of the implications of quantum mechanics. You know, off-the-wall, "useless" rumination on some esoteric egghead project of no possible use to ordinary people, right? It's the one thing that gets them to realize that technological innovation requires a steady diet of basic, undirected research. Well, at least for a few minutes, then they go back to snivelling about unions and vaccines.

Thu, 15 Sep 2011 07:44:55 UTC | #871046

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Good question. I recall Arthur C Clarke commenting that intelligence may not have long-term survival value as our big brains enable us to bring about our own demise, whether through nuclear war or environmental destruction. While the threat of a nuclear exchange has diminished our ability to shit in our own nest continues unabated. Certain factions of the USA's population seem hell-bent on destroying our ecosystem while trying to convince people that everything's just fine. And way too many are convinced. Face it, brains evolved to give their owners a more complete picture of the world around them so they could compete for resources more efficiently in the here and now, not to be coolly rational about the "future of civilization'. Personally, I doubt our species is rational enough to survive our oversized cerebrums.

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 14:38:00 UTC | #869382

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Reminds me of something I think I read on this site, " Ever notice how the most rabid anti-evolutionists are also the vilest Social Darwinists".

Thu, 08 Sep 2011 05:40:02 UTC | #868485

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I recall in a class on ancient history the Athenians were considering having the slaves wear some sort of indentifying clothing, rather like the Nazis did with Jews. A more astute citizen pointed out this could backfire as once the slaves saw how numerous they were a revolt might ensue. The good pastor could be setting himself up for an unpleasant surprise.

Sun, 04 Sep 2011 15:05:08 UTC | #867180

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Zen Druid, what have you got against gorillas? Pearl, Phelps,Schatz, the only thing to do with sadists of this sort is dump the lot of them on a desert island somewhere and leave them there. Other than that, what to do with these perverts? These scum bags hide their perversion behind a facade of piety and expect the rest of us to accept their "religion" ( read bronze-age fantasy). This human turd should be thankful that on the whole, atheists are nicer people than he is, otherwise he'd be getting a HUGE can of whupass opened on him.

Thu, 18 Aug 2011 15:39:32 UTC | #862219

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Comment 19: I don't know if it's strident, Rod, but it might be shrill. Oh, and mean. We can't be mean.

Tue, 02 Aug 2011 09:23:36 UTC | #856918

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Nordic11: Regarding your post 99, do keep calling it what it is, hate. Just do so loudly. Don't be shrill and strident, though. Whether religious or not, we need more people like you. It has been my misfortune to have met far more Christians of the Pat Robertson and Kent Hovind variety ( one of my co-workers reveres Hovind ) than the likes of you, so please pardon my bias.

Mon, 01 Aug 2011 18:16:03 UTC | #856683

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Nordic11: And I would stand up for and with you against the hate-mongers, seeing as the sort of people who make the sort of comments we refer to would take you out as well. I apologize if you mistook my comment as a slam on you personally. I just don't hear the moderate Christians coming out and denouncing this kind of hate. If they do, they need to do it louder, bellow it from the pulpit, call it hate speach on TV, but don't stand there and mutter "that's not my Christianity. It must be a bitch when folks proffessing to be a member of your religion say such embarrassing shit. Kinda the way we atheists feel about Ayn Rand...

Mon, 01 Aug 2011 17:43:56 UTC | #856674

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Ceefan, Nordic11, did you read my comment? I haven't seen anyone on this site saying we should kill all the christians. Some do get a giggle out folks who are so keen on basing their life philosophy on a Bronze Age fairy tale but we don't advocate torture and murder of those who believe in a religion. Your comments only bear out the perception that religious moderates enable the rabid nut-jobs. If you want a modicum of respect you might consider standing up to these hate-mongers. And consider that if the haters do get power and eliminate us, you may well be next.

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 06:18:11 UTC | #856106

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As the article said, where ARE those loving, kind xtians, who so despise those radicals? Why are they not standing beside us, declaring their opposition to such hateful rhetoric? Oh, maybe Phil Ochs hit the nail on the over 40 years ago when he observed "it doesn't really interest anybody outside of a small circle of friends". So, I put this challenge to all those loving, kind xtians: SPEAK OUT!! If you so despise such hate-filled speach make yourselves heard! Otherwise, after the haters get us, they'll get you, or have ya'll forgotten pastor Niemoller's epigram...

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:16:48 UTC | #855897

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Schrodinger's Cat: It did take meteorologists quite a while to begin investigating sprites, but given that experienced pilots witnessing a meteor's passage reported seeing portholes on it, perhaps a bit of skepticism may have been warranted. Point is, scientists did investigate and did confirm a hitherto unknown phenomenon. Where I get pissy with woo dumbfucks is when any immediately unexplained light in the sky is an alien spaceship or a strange event is evidence of "spirits". There's just been so much chaff and so little wheat that scientists do have an unfortunate but understandable tendency to dismiss strange phenomena out of hand. With only so much research money to go around, the science community has to be fairly selective. And this may be the real problem, not enough money for research with little apparent payoff, but that's a screed for another thread....

Tue, 21 Jun 2011 16:22:10 UTC | #641314

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Baptists, if they'd only hold 'em underwater longer....

Thu, 16 Jun 2011 18:19:29 UTC | #639345

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Hey, c'mon, it aint like it's the end of the world or nothin'... Steve Hill, I know PZ gets a bit worked up but you may not be aware of just how prevalent christer bullshit is over here. We've got more mushwits than Canada has people and I think they ( the mushwits ) need blasting pretty frequently.

Tue, 24 May 2011 17:54:57 UTC | #630356

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Miranda, how you slogged through such a steaming pile of drivel like that without headdesking yourself to death is beyond me. Word salad is all it is, proof that a grammatically correct sentence does not have to make any sense. Granted, that Ms Avecedo managed to string together a shitload of sentences that make little or no sense is a small accomplishment, it's still nonsense.

Sat, 16 Apr 2011 18:31:09 UTC | #616183

Go to: Cuccinelli says guns in churches are okay if they’re for self-defense

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It occurs to me how amusing it might be to have a shootout in a church over some niggling difference in doctrine. "Take that, heretic". Or gun battles between Presbyterians and Mormons. That would give the term "crossfire" a whole new meaning. All seriousness aside, why would one need a gun in church for self-defense. Are they afraid an atheist brigade is going to storm the service and slay Christians by the score? Or, on a more sinister note, maybe they're a bit concerned about the the other parisioners. Sacred shit, these jeebus heads are just getting loonier by the fucking minute.

Sat, 16 Apr 2011 18:08:55 UTC | #616172

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I have to say that while Jones is a mushwit, he does have the right to say the crap he spews. This does NOT mean the Muzzie mushwits are any less responsible for their murderously stupid reaction. They CHOSE to react the way they did. Just as we in the USA CHOSE to shit six bricks and a watermelon when the airplanes hit the buildings. ( OT, but I thought then and think now the best reaction would have been to ignore them, bury our dead and basically ask the muzzies " Is that all you've got? Shit, you wanna talk violence, look at Stalingrad, Tokyo, Hamburg, Hiroshima and Dresden and see what we can do when you piss us off." ) Anyway. I propose we try and get a bunch of atheists, agnostics and skeptics together and burn the holy books of ALL the religions. Call it " The Bonfire of the Inanities ".

Tue, 05 Apr 2011 14:32:55 UTC | #612078

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For all the "freedom of expression" talk here ( with which I totally agree BTW ) hasn't anyone noticed the one doing the burning is as big a fuckwit as the dipshits spazzing out over it? Look, I'm all for the 1st amendment but Jones is a dipshit, plain and simple. He also has the right to burn a Q'uran, IF he is willing to grant me the right to burn a bibble outside his church. In fact, I think someone SHOULD burn a bibble on the sidewalk in front of his church. Just to see how he'd react.

Sun, 03 Apr 2011 13:25:39 UTC | #611242

Go to: I will be attending "The Big Questions" show on Sunday

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1). No. In fact for Fred Phelps, Ted Haggard and the other fundagelical dipshits acquaintances of mine have suggested ( jokingly ) making abortion retroactive. All seriousness aside, 24 weeks seems about right, of course cases will always arise when one is necesary beyond this point but that decision should be left up to the woman and her physician, not some preacherman or legislator. 2). I'm a US citizen, but in general I side with Stevehill on this, aid has been so abused by kleptocrats gov'ts should be rather more selective when doling it out and demand accountabilty when doing so. 3). How does that saying go? Prayer: A way of doing nothing while creating for yourself the comforting illusion you're helping.

Thu, 03 Mar 2011 08:52:31 UTC | #598261

Go to: Pakistan minorities minister shot dead in Islamabad

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Something tells me that things may not turn out so well for Pakistan in the years ahead. With this kind of irrationality so rampant in a country possessing nuclear weapons, I don't think it would take too much for some deranged individual in the military there to pull a Jack D Ripper move and launch a nuclear strike. The ensuing retaliation would be horrific, and yeah, I know some of those yahoos crave martyrdom but the fallout issues would suck for everybody else.

Wed, 02 Mar 2011 17:18:32 UTC | #598116

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Coming more from the engineering and astronomy side of things I tend to regard Copernicus as the most important, also because he landed the first blow. I understand the biologist types may take umbrage at this, given how much harder biology is, well, at least I think so, given how hard it is to isolate phenomena in an organism without killing it. Regarding Freud, I think the quantum mechanics in the Twenties did more than old Sigmund when it was demonstrated how the bizarre the quantum mechanical world is compared to the classical physical world our senses reveal to us.

Fri, 14 Jan 2011 18:04:58 UTC | #578432

Go to: Sarah Palin's camp says depraved liberals blame her for mass murders

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Zurak, are you defending Sarah "Failin'" Palin? I mean, you don't think her rhetoric has any effect on anybody, or that the atmosphere of hate she and the other religiot right-wingers whip up is ignored? No, I don't blame her directly, but she sure as hell uses violent language rather routinely. And the way she bashes anyone slighly to the left of Ghengis Khan she's left herself wide open to this kind of reaction. And if she's looking for sympathy I can tell her she can find it in the dictionary. Right there between shit and syphylis.

Mon, 10 Jan 2011 18:56:29 UTC | #576184

Go to: Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds

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"I don't need qualifications and I don't need evidence: I am a MOTHER!" Hmm. Sounds like the retorts I've heard from some of the bibble-beaters I used to argue with over evolution. Phuque evidence, evolution doesn't fit my biases (whine snivel). Absolutely apalling, what passes for "thinking" these days. An anti-vaxer I'm stuck with as a co-worker showed me some stat that "proved" measles had declined drastically before the vaccine was developed. I've some questions about his so-called evidence, given that this clown thinks Kent Hovind is an intellectual giant. Does anybody here know about this? I'd love to throw contradictory evidence back at this moron. Then again, he's a 9/11 "troofer" and a religidiot on top of it all. All I can say about Wakefield is that we oughta put this turd on Mt Rushmore. And then push him off. Harsh, I know, but if anyone here saw a similar thread over at Pharyngula recall Wakefield originally tried to tie the MMR vaccine to Crohn's disease. At the time he was pushing a vaccine he had either developed or had a finacial stake in and was trying to discredit the MMR vaccine in use so as to get market share for his. If true, then this slimebucket's hurting people for his own profit.

Sat, 08 Jan 2011 15:33:34 UTC | #575219

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The utilitarian approach to research is attractive in a "what have you done for us lately" way, but if you want real technological advances you need a steady diet of fundamental, undirected research. Bell Labs understood this and brought in people like Claude Shannon to follow whatever lines of research they wanted knowing that it would bear fruit, even if exactly what they'd find was unknown at the time. The Germans wanted Einstein to come to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institure for the same reason. One of Einstein's gems was a paper in 1919 that provided the basic principles for the laser. Far out stuff then, now a damn near indispensible tool. I remind people of this every time someone snivels about "pointy headed perfessers" studying something seemingly pointless. One of my favorte rejoinders is "Yeah, why study moldy cheese". When the individual agrees that investigating cheese mold is stupid, I love to hit them with "Remember that when you get your next penicillin shot".

Thu, 06 Jan 2011 09:26:34 UTC | #573971

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Jonny5509: I think the scablands you mention are in the Northwest along the Columbia River valley. And they are awesome. And I don't know why the YECs aren't all over this. Ignorance, maybe? They do excel at that.

Wed, 05 Jan 2011 21:23:36 UTC | #573815

Go to: Conclusive science against Young Earth Creationism

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I like the idea. There are a couple of sites on the web such as No Answers In Genesis and Talk Origins that take on creationist flapdoodle in detail. Still, the YECs can dimiss any evidence that contradicts their belief system. For example, I asked one how eight people could take care of thousands of animals on what would have been a badly leaking, large wooden vessel and he said "you have to take it on faith". I asked, "Why faith? Don't you have any evidence?" And he got pissed off, and asked if I was trying to pick a fight. I figure if sites like this and the two I mentioned above can find a way to reach younger people, we may stand a chance. If not, the USA is doomed to become a third rate nation.

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 17:16:43 UTC | #573283

Go to: Cretan tools point to 130,000-year-old sea travel

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This could provide some insight as to how the Aborigines got to Australia.

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 16:24:14 UTC | #573247