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mmurray, well I was in a mixed childrens home and i know it happened to both genders. Whether some case were opportunistic or not cant discount the fact that there are many homosexuals in the church , at least as many as society at large though I suspect the number is larger. However my point stands: If ,as some are suggestion withing the church, a solution to the problem is to allow priests to marry,then by the same logic the have to allow gay marraiges too and that is never going to happen any time soon. So even if they do lete preists marry they have only solved half the problem.

Tue, 30 Mar 2010 22:35:00 UTC | #454188

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Anybody who does not come out unequivicably and without vacilation and state that this is an absolute scandal and the perpetrators should be jailed is in my opinion an enabler for paedos.

Ive heard that this state of affairs is an arguement for allowing priests to marry. Perhaps ,however it would only be one half of the problem due to the number of young boys buggered I would say that the church would also have to allow same sex marraiges and as we know that is not going to happen as it goes to the core of their dogma. So the abuse will continue becuase the core beliefs of the church have all the ingredients for it to flourish.

Tue, 30 Mar 2010 21:33:00 UTC | #454172

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YOu know what I dont understand.WHy catholics come on to either declare their church under attack or claim a conspiracy or just general knee jerk defending. it is catholics that should be most outraged at this , they should be kicking down the doors of the vatican and dragging the sick fucks out by the scruff of the neck to face the courts.

I mean I imagine that as a moral human being watching the news and seeing a piece on someone who had downloaded child porn from the net you would be disgusted at this person. Then you see another piece about someone who had sexually abused a child,again your natural reaction would be one of horror and anger towards such a person who could commit these crimes.
Then the following evening you here of a serial paedophile responsible for the rape of 6 boys and girls over the spce of 2 years, you would be rightly sickened by these crimes.
Yet when thousands of cases of systematic child rape , and lets not mix words here , child rape is the act of holding children down and tearing their young vaginas or anus's open with their penises ignoring the screams and sobs or the pleas to stop,condeming many of them to a life of self-hate,mental torture and in many cases lead eventually to them taking their own lives.
That these acts were carried out by people who claim to be the moral guides of millions of people, who rally against the most simplest of sexual transgressions , from something as petty as not using 'natural'positions to homosexuality ( not here that it seems that the gender balance of raped children seems to be more boys than girls ) so when such evil comes from these people you should be filled with a million times more horror , disgust and anger. Yet somehow your brain will not register this. Perhaps the horror of it is too much for you to take in and so to cope you imagine its some dastardly propagands ruse by sinister anti-catholic conspiritors.
Wake the fuck up !
If you are not screaming at the top of your voice for an end to this and for judicial action against all those who perpetrated these acts or colluded in their cover up then I would suggest that you're own morals are absolutely repugnant,bereft of any humanity and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

Tue, 30 Mar 2010 19:10:00 UTC | #454133

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@j.mills comment


Richard you should use this slogan!

Mon, 01 Feb 2010 05:22:00 UTC | #437352

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Im guessing from this newspaper story that the Polish sales are not what they could be

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 13:37:00 UTC | #437056

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Ha ! was waiting on my son as I wrote the above , he asks 'young freethought website,.whats that about ?''
said I will email you the link and you can see for yourself. :) Nice timing.

Mon, 07 Dec 2009 17:28:00 UTC | #421050

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Inspiring and it fills me with hope , this battle is always going to be in the hands of the young and their young in turn if it is too continue into next generations ( of course i hope it is not necessary and that enlightment comes sooner ). I echo the above post , time for the childrens book. cut the cancer at source.

Mon, 07 Dec 2009 17:15:00 UTC | #421038

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Great Idea. I would happly donate something but Im an analog kind of guy without credit cards etc and in the U/K , perhaps something could be set up for others like me,there must be some. Perhaps a place where I could pop in and leave something?

Josh ,the HD cams really show your work off :0)
Nicely shot, did you do the graphics as well?The site shots look better than the real thing lol
Hope we can make some difference , by thor its needed.

Wed, 02 Dec 2009 02:52:00 UTC | #419277

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Beyond fairytales

Fri, 30 Oct 2009 00:52:00 UTC | #409859

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Proof of evolution is right there in the review itself.
I present that proof.
Research would show that around a million minutes ago modern humankind was known to exclude the female of the species when it came to decision making and a majority of the communal tasks, with the exception of nest hygiene and food preparation. We now know that the species has evolved and in many colonies we can see those changes in action with the female taking on roles that were previously the male domain and there are signs that the males have evolved to acknowledge the equal worth of the female within the group and the females have evolved to not let them get away with it. Of course these changes did not happen quickly , but slowly evolved.
Transitional evidence of this period of change abounds. One famous example of this transition can be found in the contemporary scribblings of a Richard Fortey. Here we see the signs that he has evolved a perception that the female is equal to the male , yet he gives away his lesser-evolved status by referring to the female as an after thought ( in parenthesis)

People ( and Richard Fortey ) should look out for these tell tale signs.

Real men (and women) take the toughest line on natural selection.

Mon, 07 Sep 2009 09:20:00 UTC | #395010

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''My mother recently confided in me that she thought I would be something special when she was pregnant with me.''

After having read your post I would say she was more right than she knew.
An inspiring read Marshall

Mon, 25 May 2009 04:29:00 UTC | #363978

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Nice one Paula. however when it was said that the newly acquired affluence by people could be the reason that the church was bleeding support , a nice retort may have been that perhaps the hypocrisy of the obscene affluence of the church in relation to the vast majority of its adherents may also be a great cause of the massive leaking of followers

Sat, 11 Apr 2009 14:18:00 UTC | #346809

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Actually this may not be a bad thing. Let them pass the law then we can sue the printers of the Bible , Koran and Torah which are full of slanderous comments and intolerance of other religions.

Sun, 01 Mar 2009 17:47:00 UTC | #331844

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' We are the lucky ones..... ' this is the quote I use most when asked by people 'what sense does life have for you if you don´t believe in god? '
I even sent it to a friend who was going through mental trauma and existential crisis, and a couple of months later got the reply saying they were out of hospital and that the quote I sent them had been a source of strength to them.
Goes to show that hope does not need an imaginary sky god to work.

Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:44:00 UTC | #330275

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The thing about his banana arguement is that even if bananas did grow that way from the begining instead of being bred to that shape by man then all he has done is shown how suited the human anatomy is to the eating of a banana , whilst at the same time showing how fucking incompetent his god is when making other foodstuff. I mean whats with those fecking coconuts Jesus!

Tue, 24 Feb 2009 14:17:00 UTC | #330074

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COuld you repost that video without or with less music volume , I cant make out what you are saying.
Or perhaps just post the points you made in it here.

Sat, 21 Feb 2009 04:25:00 UTC | #328445

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Admin , perhaps your kids pics with labels would work better with the final slogan was . 'Dont (force?) feed me your beliefs.'

waddaya think ?

Wed, 18 Feb 2009 04:44:00 UTC | #326650

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How about a pic of blown up trains , planes and busses and the slogan.

Athiests for a better transport system

Wed, 18 Feb 2009 04:33:00 UTC | #326646

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Saving appearances.
You wrote '' Over the last century, we have done the math and many of our conclusions are now matching up with scripture.''

Excellent, a person of one of the faiths is presenting us with tangible proof of their claims. Exactly what this site is about. Could you give us some of the examples of the maths research you have done. It would help us tremendously to find god if you have the equations.
In anticipation.

Sat, 14 Feb 2009 06:01:00 UTC | #324555

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We should order the house arrest of Richard Dawkins and order him to write 18 hours a day for the next 20 years. The man is a national , if not universal ,treasure and he shouldn`t be freed until the masses are freed from the delusions that keep them from living a life free from dogma and sky-gods. He can have time off for bad behavior though : )

Sat, 14 Feb 2009 05:56:00 UTC | #324552

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I had no problem clicking on Gommos link. Good job Gommo. Point by point you pwned the guy :) But it was shooting fish in a barrel :)

Worth a look if anyone isnt already familiar with the arguements

Thu, 12 Feb 2009 08:20:00 UTC | #323648

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I can see why this would give all of you a good belly laugh and be ,rightly, an object of ridicule.

However perhaps it should be kept in mind that whilst the above bs is old hat to many of you this site gets new people registering all the time who may be hearing this stuff for the first time and that we should be rebutting in detail this stuff even if it is for the umpteenth time. Whilst I could rebut most of this shite I am not the most articulate nor eloquent of writers nor have any academical background and hope that others may take the opportunity to do so stating why it is in fact a crock so that others can start their journey to being as clever as all of you :) Im only on the first few steps myself ;)

By the way , could we not add to the [troll] [spam] [offensive] feature in posts an option for


Thu, 12 Feb 2009 04:15:00 UTC | #323459

Go to: 'The Genius of Charles Darwin' wins 'Best Documentary Series' at the British Broadcast Awards 2009!

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comhghairdeas a Richard ! Go maire tú
( congratulations, well done ! )

Regards the AA Gil , review of the series where he writes ....

``He ( Dawkins ) was much happier attacking religion. His anger and bombast stand in stark contrast to Darwin’s quiet, inquisitive humility. Darwin was a gentle man who thought deeply and went out of his way to avoid confrontation or to incommode others. Tellingly, he managed to live his entire life with a devout Christian.``

If only christians and other faith heads were just
humble , gentle people who avoid confrontation and were the soul of accommodation regards others viewpoints. If that were the case Richard , Hitchens , Dennet et al would be redundant in this field and their books on the topic would have sold to a handful of 1st year university malcontents searching for a way to piss of their faith-head parents.
Its precisely becuase the opposite is true that we need the Dawkins and Hitchens of the world as a precious counter-balance to the seething hatred and unhinged mentality caused by this ancient dogma.

Tue, 27 Jan 2009 06:43:00 UTC | #312924