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There seem to be two debates happening. One in which religious morons spout off their murderous rant to little avail.
oR another where somewhat self-satisfied athiests lament the ignorance of the average (ouch).
If ever the twain should be both be involved like ? will they really get literally burnt at the snake for obfuscation?? :)

Tue, 10 Apr 2007 00:02:00 UTC | #28395

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re: another Sokal hoax?

I did manage to read right through the extract reposted here, which does state that it is Chapter 4 only, and I wish to say that although the introduction of terminology from physics is rather hap-hazard, the author can clearly in my opinion be credited with setting out a view of the net as a web, a web of connections and disconnections. This viewpoint is transcribed in a kaleidoscope of language, some of it baffling, obscure and borrowed hastily. Some is however dazzling in its leaps and landings, metaphors of metaphors, an imageristic incantation of choices and their thwartings, poetry or personal, a view of the net, nets, networks as web, weave, wait, and weave again. Why talk about webs? Why NOT?

So Heisenberg cant be quoted as a feminist? And "quantum" is dubious as nomenclature?(obviously!) Plug and socket are NOT loaded terms, sexually? (nor towers, flowers, bowers, mountains or bike-racks?) Why talk about webs? Poetically? Why not?

I am in no way qualified to judge this article, particularly from only an extract, as to whether it is more noble or contains more grammes of "information" than, say, a PHD thesis on hermenuetics in Chaucer or one on "rational economic theories at BIGMAC University", however, in my opinion from what I did read, the piece is certainly stratospheres more intelligible and meaningful than much other academic literature emanating from the base of "so-called" pOMo in Fran-- and which was so effectively unmasked by Sokal.

Sat, 07 Apr 2007 18:11:00 UTC | #27962

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Defining pOMo would be difficult -great topic to begin on April Fools Day. Why is so-called post modernism called "POST" modernism? was perhaps asked comment 29212 by William --
The following assertions may not be verifiable, in any sense.

Modernism - an artistic manifesto which began as a reaction to the horrors of World War I, (circa 1905), which to many artists proved "life is s--t"

Post-modernism - an artistic manifesto which began as a reaction to the rise of secular power, (ie Napoleon circa 1800). Postmodernists are informed that the only worthwile philosophy consists in "Buy my S--T!"

Its a sales gimmick.

Fri, 06 Apr 2007 06:27:00 UTC | #27650