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'Root of All Evil? The Uncut Interviews' Released on DVD

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ROAE Uncut

Sometimes, the devil is in the details.
Eight uncut and never before seen interviews filmed for the Root of All Evil? documentary

Nine months before the release of his million-copy bestseller The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins had the world buzzing with his television documentary Root of All Evil? The 2-hour program highlights the dangers of faith and religion in the 21st century, and asks people of reason to say "Enough is enough!"

During the filming, Richard Dawkins conducted many fascinating interviews with people from around the world. Unfortunately much of this footage was cut for time, and some entire interviews were omitted. This DVD collection showcases eight raw and uncut interviews from the original tapes, allowing the viewer a rare vantage point into these revealing exchanges.

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Interviews with:
- Jill Mytton
- Ian McEwan
- Bishop Richard Harries (Watch this interview free online!)
- Michael Bray
- Hell House Pastor Keenan Roberts
- Alister McGrath (Watch this interview free online!)
- Adrian Hawkes
- Rabbi Gluck

3 DVDs
Run Time: 400 minutes
NTSC, All-Region

All proceeds go to The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

COMING SOON! 'Root of All Evil?' The Original Program in a special new edition created by!
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