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From Big Bang to Us - Made Easy

A recently completed youtube series on Science and the history of the Universe.

From Big Bang to Us -- Made Easy (Full 11-part series)

(from Potholer54's youtube page:) WE NEED YOU! -- I am looking for people who can "seed" the Made Easy series, either hosting it on their websites, mailing DVDs to schools or to other 'seeds', or spreading through BitTorrents. If you can help spread a bit of science and counter the rolling tide of creationist ignorance, please get in touch. Message me with a description of what you can do. Thanks!

The 'Made Easy' series is designed to explain the evidence that shows how we got here, from the Big bang to human migration out of Africa. A better quality version will soon be available for free download from a website -- details to be announced. I will be happy to send DVDs free of charge to schools after the series is finished.

The 'Made Easy' series of videos can be freely copied and distributed for educational purposes, but cannot be used for commercial gain in whole or in part. They cannot be altered, transformed or added to. If you use repost these videos you must attribute them to 'Potholer54 on YouTube."

Name: Potholer

I've been a journalist for 20 years, 14 years as a science correspondent. My degree is in geology, but while working for a science magazine and several science programs I had to tackle a number of different fields, from quantum physics to microbiology. My particular talent was my ignorance. By not understanding half of what I was assigned to cover, I had to reduce scientific discoveries from the complex to the simple. If I wrote it in a way that I could understand it, then my readers could understand it.

1 -- History of the Universe Made Easy (Part 1)
Forget gods and goblins, here is the real story of how we know the extent of our universe in time and space. Throw away all those religious books and look at some hard evidence.

2 -- History of the Universe Made Easy (Part 2)
This concludes the two parts on the history of the universe, showing how our universe, solar system and planet Earth formed through natural and predictable processes.

3 -- The Origin of Life made easy
This video answers two commonly held fundamentalist misconceptions: That scientists believe life popped out of nowhere, and that life cannot come from non-living chemicals. It explains the most commonly accepted hypothesis about the origin of life on Earth. As with all hypotheses, there are things we have yet to understand about the steps that took us from organic chemicals to replicating chemicals -- from non-life to life. If we had all the answers this wouldn't be a hypothesis, it would be a theory. So don't expect a Nobel prize for spotting problems, because solving problems is what research is all about. The video simply shows the various steps to forming primitive cells and challenges fundamentalists to show which one is impossible, and why.

4 -- The Story of the Earth Made Easy
Is the Earth really 6,500 years old? And was there a global flood 4,000 years ago? The only way to find out is to look at the clues from the past. This video explains the evidence geologists use that shows slow uplift, erosion and sedimentation over hundreds of millions of years. (This video replaces an earlier one which -- horror! -- had audio of Kent Hovind)

5 -- The Age of Our World Made Easy
Methods of dating easily explained, that clearly prove the age of the Earth and our universe. Part of the "Made Easy" series that explains science in clear and simple terms. A must for people who think the world is just 6,000 years old.

6 -- Natural Selection Made Easy
Explains natural selection in simple terms. A must for anyone who is confused by the Theory of Evolution, and wonders why it's taught in classrooms. This video is part of the 'Made Easy' series that explains the history of our world, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa.

7 -- The Theory of Evolution Made Easy
Explains the Theory of Evolution in simple terms. A must for anyone who is confused by what the Theory is, what it means, and why it's taught in classrooms. This video is part of the 'Made Easy' series that explains the history of our world, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa.

8 -- Human Evolution Made Easy
The evidence for human evolution. Part of the "Made Easy" series which traces our origins from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa. This video can be copied and distributed fro educational purposes, but not for commercial use. It may not be built upon or transformed. You must attribute this work to "YouTube's Potholer54".

9 -- Human Ancestry Made Easy
Traces our migration out of Africa and explains, through DNA evidence, how humans colonized the world. Part of the Made Easy series of videos that show the evidence of our origins, from the Big Bang onwards.

10 - The Scientific Method Made Easy
The 'Made Easy' series explains the evidence of our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa. This video explains how we acquire this knowledge, and how ideas go from a hunch in a laboratory to accepted theories taught in school.

The video cuts at the end, and the final sentence should read: "In the next video, I'll look at whether belief can be regarded as science."

11 -- Creation 'Science' Made Easy
Creation Science is fairly simple to understand. The conclusion is laid out for you -- just read Genesis -- so there's nothing to investigate. The question is whether this really is science. Even if it isn't, should it be taght in school as a way of 'opening' young minds?

This is the penultimate video in the 'Made Easy' series, which looks at the evidence showing our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa.



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