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Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 30)

Via Pharyngula

Following Casey Luskins flapping on the video Challenging the Discovery Institute to Discover, Luskin has earned himself the honor of being the subject of Why do people laugh at creationists Part 30.

The Discovery Institute has all but abandoned intelligent design (the rebranding of creationism- see video) as a lost cause, they even go on record saying they dont think it should be taught in schools!

They initially set up a peer review journal of their own (Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design) but abandoned it after they got called out on the lineage of intelligent design to creationism.

Luskin helped set up intelligent design and evolution awareness clubs, but stated that the management believed the designer was the God of the Bible, and then happily goes on camera and states that intelligent design has nothing to do with religion, despite all the diagrams he has connecting the two on the IDEA webpage.

What really astounds me about these guys is they have utterly lost, and yet they dont have the dignity to accept that they were wrong graciously. Instead all you get is a bunch of bitter misfits doing their best to sew disinformation and throw as much mud as possible but for what gain? All I see is a bunch of jerks committing spiteful intellectual vandalism for their personal gratification. Really what do these people hope to gain by pretending there is controversy where none exists?



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