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The Purpose of Purpose

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During Richard Dawkins' American tour in March 2009, he gave a talk titled "The Purpose of Purpose". I travelled with Richard to these cities and filmed the talks, which I've edited together here. The content of the talk remains intact, while the editing moves between the different locations and Richard's Keynote presentation.

There were Q&A sessions after each talk, which I plan on uploading soon.

- Josh Timonen

Be sure to also see these two additional videos from Richard's 2008 Simonyi Lecture, where he reads part of Charles Simonyi's original manifesto for the chair at Oxford, and the opening lines of Unweaving the Rainbow.

See more about Richard Dawkins' upcoming book "The Greatest Show on Earth" here
Greatest Show

This talk was given in Michigan, Minneapolis, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Filmed at:
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Minnesota
University of Oklahoma - Norman, Oklahoma
Holland Performing Arts Center - Omaha, Nebraska

Introductions by:
PZ Myers - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Barry Weaver - Norman, Oklahoma
Richard Holland - Omaha, Nebraska

UPDATE: In the YouTube version, the video caption for the University of Oklahoma states that it is in Oklahoma City, but it is actually in Norman, Oklahoma. I apologize for this error. There is also an accidental "Okalahoma" in one caption, for which I doubly apologize. I hope you'll forgive me in leaving these mistakes in the video, as opposed to deleting this version and re-uploading, which would delete all of the comments on the video. I'm getting a quicktime version ready for the site, which will have the appropriate corrections.

Josh Timonen



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