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Let the War on Christmas Begin. Atheist style.

Thanks to Just Plain Cliff for the link.

This week is Thanksgiving in the United States. This means that over the coming weekend many Americans will be putting up Christmas decorations in and outside their houses. Many children will be putting finishing touches on their letters to Santa. The shopping malls will start to fill and while economists examine and measure the retail sales bump for signs that the world will not end, we, as a nation, will come together to incrementally crank up the material contents stored in our homes and the corresponding mass of our public landfills.

But what do Atheists do on Christmas?

We declare war
!!!! War,
I say!!!!

OH, and some of us put up Christmas and/or Hanukkah and/or Kwanza decorations, we go to the malls or on line and get presents for family and loved ones, engage in Secret Santa negotiations and some of us (and by "us" I mean "them" in this case) sing Christmas Carols.

And there is another pleasure we atheists get from Christmas. From our perspective of understanding that Christmas is a cultural event as much as, if not more than, a religious holiday, we enjoy, and even get giddy about, the reaction of people who are nervous about their own religion and who disdain us atheists to our very existence. The ten commandments displayed at the courthouse is an abomination. The city funded Christmas creche in the town square is inappropriate and obnoxious. The Christmas tree in front of the state house? Meh...

But what about Richard Dawkins singing christmas carols????

I wrote the following a couple of years ago, but most of you have not seen it. It applies nicely this time of year ...
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Yep, Richard Dawkins tackles this idiot interviewer head on in this interesting discussion of Christmas Carols and Atheism.



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