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Catholic Government

This remarkable film is posted on Pharyngula, where most of the commenters are understandably debating whether it can possibly be genuine. My first thought, too, was that it must be a hoax. Surely nobody could be quite so blatantly arrogant, saying more or less explicitly that 'Nobody should be allowed to vote unless they agree with me!' But this bulletin seems to provide corroborating evidence that Michael Voris is a bona fide Catholic activist, not a satirist lampooning Catholic idiocy and arrogance. -Richard

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Emmy Award-Winning Broadcaster Leads Catholic Media Company

FERNDALE, Mich. (March 31, 2008) – It was The Da Vinci Code that triggered Michael Voris’ “road to Damascus” moment. A devout, knowledgeable Catholic with more than twenty years of television broadcasting experience, Voris planned to produce a one-hour TV program to refute the distortions and outright lies about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church that were being disseminated by the novel and the movie. Very quickly Voris realized that the challenges facing the Catholic Church in the United States were much larger and more pernicious than a single blockbuster, and so he planned something much more ambitious than a single TV special.

Financed by a substantial withdrawal from his own retirement fund, and with the help of generous volunteers, Voris built a television studio in Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He christened his new venture—St. Michael’s Media—placing the new company under the protection of the captain of the angels who drove Lucifer from Heaven. As for the television program, Voris chose a name as uncompromising as the great archangel—“The One True Faith.” The program began airing in the Detroit area in September 2006.
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[update 18-Aug] Transcript

RealCatholicTV The Vortex

Hello. Welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

There is an inherent problem with democracy. Actually it’s definitional. It’s this: Everyone gets to vote. That’s right. Everyone gets to vote. Consider for a moment. The informed get to vote. Those that have studied the candidates and issues and considered the impact not only on themselves but the society at large. But in addition to the informed, the ignorant get to vote as well. Those who have studied nothing and don’t care about anything except themselves and their own narrow interests.

Imagine the scene. Two voters walking into a voting booth side-by-side. One casts a vote with an eye to improving the society at large by rolling back abortion, defending traditional marriage, reducing government’s ability to crush families with heavy taxation etc.


Such a voter casts his vote to the common good. To the authentic common good. What’s best for for the culture as a whole.

Right next to him is a voter who doesn’t give a hoot about the society at large. All he cares about is his selfish interest in ensuring abortion stays legal so he can have sex with no consequences. Or have his decision to have sex with another man celebrated as a right. Such a voter exhibits little else than an adolescent pre-occupation with self-absorption.

And imagine. He actually gets to vote!

What a country!

What a system!

And it is a system that will end in self-destruction.

The nature of man is to be self-absorbed. That is because our nature is fallen. It no longer looks at God. It looks rather into a mirror. In fact it stares into the mirror. Totally absorbed and can think of little else. This is why if we are going to insist on a system where we elect leaders - if we are going to insist on that - only virtuous people should be allowed to vote.


Ruthless men and women who - knowing human nature very well - and thereby the means to control and manipulate it, wield great influence over the selfish masses. They can connive and scheme their way to power by appealing to the most base level of human ignorance, namely the appeal to a false sense of liberty. They class everything in terms of “rights.” A “right” to marry your homosexual sex partner. The “rights” to kill your child. A “right” to have others in society pay for your lack of effort, your desire for contraception, food, housing, medical services, education, clothes, anything that can be imagined.

Such societal parasites will cast their vote in such a way that will only hasten the destruction of a nation. It is like a cancer that is destroying its host. It enjoys ravaging the body, until the body is dead.

The cancer must be eliminated. And the only way to prevent a democracy from committing suicide is to limit the vote to faithful Catholics.


Only a true Catholic nation, in fact, will survive - can survive - because only truly Catholic people will be the ones looking at God and not staring in the mirror. When they cast their votes, they cast them with an eye to what God desires. Not fallen human nature.

But as the body politic continues to be ravaged by the cancer of ignorant, self-centered voters it becomes more and more clear that a national euthanasia is occurring.

But in truth, this is really the way the whole idea of democracy is little less than an experiment doomed to failure from the outset. Eventually the evil in the heart of man overtakes him when he dismisses God.

Now the only way to run a country is by benevolent dictatorship. A Catholic monarch who protects his people from themselves and bestows on them what they need. Not necessarily what they want. Who protects their rights as human beings. It was this political system that caused Europe to emerge from the morass of marauding barbarians and create Western civilization. A noble Catholic monarch advances the common good while loving and caring for his people.


If you think about it, this is exactly how the universe is governed, isn’t it?

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.

God Bless You. I’m Michael Voris




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