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Q and A - Adventures in Democracy

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Here are the questions our panel faced this week. Tell us what your answer would be or what you think our panellists need to say.

Arthur Lith asked: Can one be a believer in God as well as a believer in the theory of evolution?

Religion and Psychology
Dan Anderson asked: Do you think that a belief in the transcendent (whatever that might be, but including 'God') is important within a healthy human psychology, or do you regard it as a symptom of mental illness?

Areligion/Atheism/Santa Claus
Cassandra Devine asked: Why do you feel the need to express your views so stridently when they're not always welcome? Isn't it rather like going around to playgrounds and telling children that Santa Claus isn't real?

Renee Brasier asked: You are clearly against the teaching of creationism in the context of Science, but do you think there is any value in teaching religion in schools?

Hamzah Qureshi asked: Considering atheism cannot possibly have any sort of absolute morality, is it not then an irrational "leap of faith" (which atheists themselves so harshly condemn) for an atheist to decide between right and wrong, considering they have no absolute moral standard?

Intelligent Design
David from Victoria asked: Do you believe intelligent design should be part of the science curriculum, taught alongside evolution? Or do you believe it is non-scientific and should be relegated to the rubbish bin?
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A transcript of the episode will be available from 2pm, Tuesday 9 March.



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