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[UPDATE JAN 7] Live Webcast - Does a Good God Exist?

A video of a debate between Christopher Hitchens and William Dembski on the question of whether a good god exists is now available on the Prestonwood Christian Academy website. Thanks to Bernard Hurley and Ranting Socrates for the link.

23-Nov - The videos below were removed by the hosting site

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[UPDATE - Jan 7] e-mail below and YouTube links provided by Stephen

Many of you will remember the debate between Dr. (yes, really) William Dembski and Christopher Hitchens which was broadcast live over the Net and pulicised at RDFRS:

Many more, like me, will not have had the exact time available to see the live broadcast, and will have been frustrated at the Prestonwood Christian Academy's action of putting the video behind a pay wall. Then they removed it all together: (ps. catch the amusing spelling error too)

Why, you may wonder, did a Christian Academy not want to promote Dr. Dembski - the Poster-Boy for Creationism?

I have regularly looked round the Net for a copy of the debate to find out, until today without success. Then a funny thing happened.

A couple of people (the first appear to have been and posted critiques of the debate. Presumably they managed to download the debate, before it was taken off-line by the Christian Academy. It turns out that Christopher Hitchens was on form - and Dr. Dembski was trounced (who'd have thought).

These critical analyses got right up the Christian Academy's nasal passage. They got busy sending gagging notices (DMCA notices complaining about copyright infirngment - those who followed the Thunderf00t / VenomFangX debate will remember these instruments of corporate censorship) and suddenly they upset a lot of people and the Streisand effect has now kicked in - see:

Now it's everywhere - and not just a hundred times on YouTube.

But never rest Netizens! If you have a YouTube account (or Vimeo, or whatever) please mirror these videos.



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