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Cashing in on Rapture

An aspect of religion that intrigues me is its capacity to con money out of a seemingly endless supply of gullible idiots. Is there anything so stupid that, if you put it out there, you can't find thousands of people (and their money) to believe it.

I find myself irritated by the light-hearted, jocular way in which these matters are treated by the media, in this case CBS. If I were an American journalist, I would be out for blood: at very least I would be campaigning to strip these charlatans of their tax-exempt status. Yet the media treat it as a bit of jolly fun.




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The Rapture aside, America's...

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It is a noble calling worthy of a little tolerance.

After the rapture

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ASHLEY PARKER - The New York Times 71 Comments

The Douglas siblings live near each other in Brooklyn, and Mr. Douglas said he could not wait until Sunday — “I’m going to show up at her house so we can have that conversation that’s been years in coming.”

Mass Suicide Fears Over LA Sect Allayed

Huw Borland - Sky News Online 12 Comments

A religious sect of 13 people have been found safe and well after going missing and sparking fears of a mass suicide.



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