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“Curiosity” with Stephen Hawking

Here are the four parts of the Stephen Hawking Episode of “Curiosity: the Questions of Life,” shown last night on the Discovery Channel. The title is “Did God create the universe?” ... Read more

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



A grand unified theory of man

Martin A. Mills - The Times Higher... 49 Comments

In the academy, the real argument over science and religion is not about God but rather about how social and natural scientists understand people. Martin A. Mills says we must bridge that gap to comprehend humanity

'God is a person, not a theory'

Andrew Billen - The TImes 137 Comments

Stephen Hawking is wrong to assert that God did not create the Universe, says Christianity’s new poster boy John Lennox.

What Does Stephen Hawking Think About...

Ian O'Neill - Discovery News 43 Comments

An invitation from Professor Stephen...

BBCNewsnight - Twitter 26 Comments

Hawking 'Taliban-like': Susan Greenfield

Alastair Jamieson - Daily Telegraph 97 Comments



James Shapiro goes after natural...

Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution Is True Comments

James Shapiro goes after natural selection again (twice) on HuffPo

What’s the problem with unguided...

Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution Is True Comments

What’s the problem with unguided evolution?

The demise of group selection

Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution Is True Comments

The demise of group selection

With a note form Richard

Higgs Boson found?

Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution Is True Comments

Higgs Boson found?

Science, Religion and Society: The...

Jerry Coyne - Evolution 10 Comments

Jerry Coyne's paper on the relationship between acceptance of evolution, religion, and societal health, available for free download.

Mencken week: Day 2

Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution Is True 11 Comments



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