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Mr. Deity and the Philosopher

Mr. Deity is questioned about what makes something right.



Islam, racists, and legitimate debate

Russell Blackford - Talking Philosophy Comments

Islam, racists, and legitimate debate

It's What Moral Philosophers Do

Richard Dawkins - Comments

It's What Moral Philosophers Do

Anything But Human

Richard Polt - The New York Times Comments

In this philosopher, we have the non-scientific mind -- actually in his case the anti-scientific mind -- displayed in all its lack of glory. He misses one important point after another. He seems to go out of his way to achieve a clean sweep of scientific ideas to misunderstand. If a philosopher is determined to remain ignorant of science and wantonly to misread science so comprehensively, what on earth is the point of him and his philosophy? Very depressing.

$5 Million Grant Awarded by Private...

Bettye Miller - UCR Today Comments

The John Templeton Foundation grant to UC Riverside philosopher John Fischer will fund research on aspects of immortality, including near-death experiences and the impact of belief in an afterlife on human behavior

The Consolation of Philosophy

Lawrence M. Krauss - Scientific... 72 Comments

An update by the author of "A Universe from Nothing" on his thoughts, as a theoretical physicist, about the value of the discipline of philosophy

Interview with Peter Boghossian

Paul Pardi - philosophynews 10 Comments

Interview with Peter Boghossian



Mr. Deity & The Marriage

Mr. Deity - YouTube - misterdeity Comments

The Way of the Mister, Vol. 1:...

Mr. Deity - YouTube - MrDeity 20 Comments

Mr. Deity and the Signs

Mr. Deity - YouTube - misterdeity 20 Comments

Mr. Deity and the Skeptic

Mr. Deity 22 Comments



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