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superatheist's Avatar Comment 1 by superatheist

I am a bit surprised that they didn't use the definition that Darwin used to define evolution; descent with modification. Changes in frequencies of genes is a population genetics definition, not the developmental one; changes in developmental pathways - which happen by genomic changes. Thirdly, evolution is not just about surviving, it is also about randomness at the genotypic and phenotypic level, and it is about the affect of organisms on natural selection. That is why darwin's definition was so accurate!

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 03:47:21 UTC | #892186

Anonymous's Avatar Comment 2 by Anonymous

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Tue, 22 Nov 2011 04:44:17 UTC | #892194

xxicenturyboy's Avatar Comment 3 by xxicenturyboy

I liked that they didn't parrot Darwin, thus labeling themselves Darwinists. Darwin was not the founder of a "philosophy of Darwinism" like so many creationists would suggest. Evolution isn't Darwin and Darwin isn't evolution. Evolution exists without him, and there have been many many scientists who have contributed to the modern theories we have today and they tend not to get recognized in the media, which is why seeing so many scientists in this video, especially women, is so outstanding. Scientists need to be more vocal, do more media, and not debate creationists, but present the facts. Richard Dawkins new book Magic of Reality, is a beautiful start for young people in that direction. It is incredibly illustrated and Dawkins voice comes through loud and clear. I even agree with him on his critique of Peter Sellers' version of the Pink Panther, definitely stick with the original.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 05:24:19 UTC | #892198

celtlen's Avatar Comment 4 by celtlen

A nicely made video, articulately delivering an important message. The tragedy of the video is that it needs to be made at all. Religion, the ultimate force for ignorance.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 05:52:36 UTC | #892201

Flapjack's Avatar Comment 5 by Flapjack

All this week on Channel 4 on their '4thought tv' slot they're debating the motion "Should Creationism be taught in schools". 50% of their speakers are for the motion.

This is why Evolution should be taught in schools... though some people are tragically immune to reason. How Sam Scott Perry with his 3 science A-levels including Biology at an A* can cling to the bible as evidence of anything other than a discredited theory that a load of bronze age peasants who still thought the world was flat compiled to explain the world is beyond me.

Here's a direct quote "I think ultimately creationism is not pushed forward and actively taught in schools simply because people think that if you teach creationism and things in schools we're teaching the whole worldview of the bible. And you start teaching that people realise 'Ah, well OK, I can trust the bible's science, that means I can trust the bible's morality, that means I can trust the bible's viewpoint when it comes to spiritual things". It was about this point where I facepalmed myself so hard I knocked myself out. Please leave comments on their homepage...

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 08:53:39 UTC | #892219

The Notorious B.I.N.G's Avatar Comment 6 by The Notorious B.I.N.G

One of the difficulties of combating the creationist mentality comes from the fact that creationism is essentially a conspiracist movement; that is, creationists assumes a vast conspiracy of evil godless scientists who are supposedly suppressing the "truth" of creation in order to promote their wicked 'Darwinism'. Creationism is like other conspiracy theories, therefore, in being immune to rational refutation - any piece of conflicting evidence can be neatly folded into the fabric of the conspiracy. This being the case, videos like the one above are, for all their good intentions, unlikely to win the hearts or minds of the committed literalist. It isn't about science for these people: it's good versus evil.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 10:24:20 UTC | #892232

Naturalist1's Avatar Comment 7 by Naturalist1

Somebody with a ton of $$$ should buy 6:15 of Superbowl ad time and put this video up on this coming years game.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 12:15:30 UTC | #892259

QuestioningKat's Avatar Comment 8 by QuestioningKat

Go girls!Go girls!

I wish I would have seen something like this back when I was 14. (thirty some years ago.)I probably would have continued with science rather than thinking science isn't for girls.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 12:36:54 UTC | #892263

DocWebster's Avatar Comment 9 by DocWebster

When I was in fifth grade I got laughed at and picked on for asking if any girls tried out for the basketball team. That was in 1977. Everyone around me was mystified at my questions about why girls didn't do this or that or why the teachers were always picking boys to do things out of hand, including many of the female teachers. I was told that I was asking stupid questions and just knock it off. I've always known women that were smarter than any men around them. Unfortunately those same women often times kept themselves quiet out of fear or timidity and it made me angry to see them swallow their own opinions. Seeing all the women in this video and elsewhere gives me hope for the future, maybe they can save the world that us men have put so much effort into destroying.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 17:34:20 UTC | #892363

Stafford Gordon's Avatar Comment 10 by Stafford Gordon

Darwin's perceptiveness and insight resulted in the most beautiful and fundamental discovery ever.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 18:52:07 UTC | #892384

MilitantNonStampCollector's Avatar Comment 11 by MilitantNonStampCollector

Comment 10 by Stafford Gordon :

Darwin's perceptiveness and insight resulted in the most beautiful and fundamental discovery ever.

Nice. It was an intellectual 180. Probably the biggest change in thinking, well, ever.

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 05:18:42 UTC | #892504

Alex, adv. diab.'s Avatar Comment 12 by Alex, adv. diab.

I like the video, it's refreshing that it wasn't a collection of old white men again! (although it is kind of cliche that the women are delivering the "uplifting" message again). The contrast in style between the very American Sheril Kirshenbaum and the charmingly in your face Beth Ashbridge made me laugh. One minor quibble, some of the ladies seem a bit... squeezed. Maybe cropping would be nice before someone buys the superbowl spot.

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 08:30:12 UTC | #892519

Thomas Carr's Avatar Comment 13 by Thomas Carr

At first, I was enthusiastic about this video and I wanted to show it to my intro bio class tomorrow morning, but it stumbles out of the gate with the statement "accepting evolution doesn't mean abandoning your personal beliefs". It would be misleading for me to show the video and give my students the impression that any false beliefs about nature that they have are immune from the scientific method and its discoveries. Dealing with the statement in class would be tricky, since it was uttered by a biologist. It's a shame that statement is in there, because the rest of it is fine and otherwise perfectly acceptable for the classroom.

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 19:58:38 UTC | #893681