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God Sent Christopher Hitchens to Hell Because He Loved Him

[ comment:] Predictably, the death of Christopher Hitchens has resulted in some truly foul responses from certain quarters of the religion of love that is Christianity. Responses that only underline the sheer contrast between the courageous, erudite, loyal, generous and humane colossus that was Hitch, and the ignorant, fearful, hate-filled, shrivelled ugliness of people whose brand of religion has posioned their natural compassion and taught them to look down on a man who was their superior in every conceivable way.

This video is one of the best/worst examples. Feel free to link to others in the Comments below. Comments such as these illustrate perfectly why Hitch so raged against the demeaning and dehumanising effects of religion, and why it is so important for all of us to work tirelessly to keep up his good work now he's gone.

And if anyone wants to post on this thread saying, 'Oh, but these people aren't true Christians and they've misunderstood what Christianity's all about' - please don't bother. It's them you need to tell, not us.

The video embedded here is just a short extract. If you can stomach it, you can listen to Bryan Fischer's full comments here



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Why should he sit still and see a valued and precious discipline being insulted, even threatened with not being taught?





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