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The Most Hated Family in America

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This is a BBC2 podcast teaser for their program "The Most Hated Family in America."

"God is your enemy." "You will eat your babies." "God hates fags." These are just a few of the extremist views held by the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. Louis Theroux spent three weeks in their company, locking horns with its leaders and talking to the younger members of the family to find out if there's any chance of them escaping the influence of their elders.

The whole program has actually shown up on youtube. The first part is here (the rest are linked off of it):



Missionaries of Hate

- - Top Documentary Films Comments

Documentary about ongoing events in Uganda, where many question whether the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

Pakistani girl accused of Qur'an...

Jon Boone - The Guardian Comments

Tensions rise between Muslim and Christian communities amid claims that 11-year-old desecrated text

Allah ordered the execution

Maryam Namazie - Maryam Namazie Comments

Note that YouTube has flagged the video as content unsuitable for some viewers

2,000 protesters support gay rights

Laura Graff - Winston-Salem Journal 14 Comments

Protesters travel to speak against Pastor Charles Worley, who gave a sermon May 13 that suggested gay people should be rounded up, placed in a sort of concentration camp, and left to die.

This is a short promo for the two-hour...

- - YouTube - ScottBurdickArt 53 Comments

This is a short promo for the two-hour documentary, "In God We Trust?" by Scott Burdick.

Jessica "Evil Little Thing" Ahlquist on...

- - CNN 95 Comments

Jessica "Evil Little Thing" Ahlquist on CNN





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